Monday, September 3, 2012

What We Did with the Brubakers, Part 1

We had so much fun with Heidi, Sam and Ellie when they came down that I didn't take time to blog all of our fun pictures.  Now that they've gone back home (sigh), it's time to post the fun.

What's behind this door, Heidi?
 These cute girlies!  We thought they'd be afraid of the dark, but they loved this game and played it for quite a while.
 Who needs toys when you have a closet?

We took the whole clan to "The Golden Corral" for dinner.  The little kids had discovered the joys of GC on our drive across the country, but we needed to introduce the rest of the family.  (All Golden Corral photos taken by Lily.)
 They were surprised that it was better than anticipated.
 The little girls loved ice cream cones
 Dad put on quite a show about this chocolate strawberry.  I wonder if it was that good . . .
 Besides the free cotton candy, Micah was excited about the gummy bears.  He lined them all up on the ledge by our table . . .
 . . . then he gobbled them up one at a time all down the line.
The best part about Golden Corral? 

We were not even close to the noisiest or the messiest or the piggiest group in the restaurant.  If you want a real treat in people watching, head on over to the Golden Corral.  You might even find the Denton Clan somewhere in the crowd!


  1. Micah is awesome! C'mon. Haven't we all wanted to do that at one time or another?

  2. so cute! hope you're doing well jenny!! happy belated birthday!! wish i could send you a pain au chocolate! xoxo

  3. How can you go wrong with gummi bears!

    What cute pictures!

  4. Looks like a perfect spot for a big family!


  5. Oh, the gummy bears! That's awesome!

  6. i love that they are so close in age.