Friday, August 31, 2012

Foto Friday--Evie's First . . .

I've been putting off Evie's first haircut for months now.  Her fine wispy hair is fragile and brittle, and I kept hoping it would somehow outgrow that stage but it didn't.

I prepped her all morning long that we were going to get her hair cut, and all morning she kept asking me, "When get my hair cut?"  (This is her funny face pose as we walked into the salon.  Think she has big brothers who ham it up for the camera?)

Once we walked through the door, however, her demeanor immediately shifted from brave and excited to shy and scared.  She wouldn't look at the stylist.  She wouldn't sit on the booster seat.  She even refused to remove her face from its place buried deep in my shoulder.

We decided the only way she would cooperate was if she was sitting on my lap.  Still she refused to relinquish her fear, and when they got out the cape to drape over us, she dissolved into a puddle of frightened tears, even refusing a lollipop offered to her.

The receptionist pulled out her tablet with an ebook about hidden bugs (obviously an understanding mom who had been in that predicament once or twice before), and Evie began to shift her fear to interest in the story.

We found an ant, a butterfly, a beetle and a ladybug as the stylist snipped and shaped and evened out her hair.  With every snip, Evie's hair floated through the air like a dandelion wish, coating the tablet, the counter, and especially my lap.  We tried to salvage even a small lock, but that proved as difficult as picking up dust particles.

She was very proud of her new 'do after the ordeal was over--posing and joking for me like none of the drama had ever happened.
Now that I see the pictures, I remember why I'd been postponing this . . .
She's not a baby any more.  Now she's a big girl.  Where did my baby go?


  1. Lydia goes to school full day on Tues. even though you know the years fly somehow it still takes you off guard doesn't it?

  2. That's another one for the memory book. Evie looks very pretty!

  3. What is it about a haircut? Unlike Samson, a baby doesn't lose their strength, they lose their weakness. It's just a teeny tiny step away from us.

  4. oh jen she looks so grown up now!!!:) we just took down the baby gates no more!!
    **sniff sniff!!
    have a happy weekend

  5. Gosh, she looks about 5 now....just kidding! She's so that last picture!

  6. She's such a cute little girl, Jen! Can you believe it was just a couple of years ago that we met and Evie and Hayden were just babies? Where does the time go?

  7. Those haircuts do make our little girlies look a little older.

  8. If you know how to make that growing up thing stop...let us know...

  9. i know...why do they grow?

    shes so adorable
    (would type more but one handed)

  10. She is so cute and her new hairdo looks wonderful.

  11. She really is growing up, Jen. And such a darling girl.


  12. She looks so cute. And unfortunately, yes, she looks a little bigger with that big girl haircut.
    I can't tell you how many times I've had my kiddos haircut while they sat on my lap.

  13. What a cute little girl!!! Such a sweet face.

    Hair cuts are a big deal. Smart hairdresser to have such an awesome diversion.

  14. I love the new haircut! I can't believe how grown up Evie looks now :)

    Ellie's got the same fine, wispy hair that Evie has. Unfortunately, she hasn't gotten her first haircut yet since Jason refuses to give her one until she asks for it herself. I do expect tears when we finally do go in for one too though.

  15. such a cutie pie!!!! i've been self talking myself into taking max for a trim...