Tuesday, October 23, 2012


October 23, 2009--Eve Diana Denton joined our family.

Eve is the only one, of all my children, whose entire life has already been documented here at the Sanatorium.  I know many of you didn't know me way back in the spring of 2009 (except Sue, Allyson, and my mom!), so I thought I'd rehash a few of the details from her life.

Best practical joke ever:  We disclose my pregnancy on April Fools' Day.  I still find that joke hilarious, but I wonder if my mom has ever forgiven me?

I described in my posts about Hyrum's and Micah's pregnancies what it was like to be bedridden for weeks at a time.  Here is a little portrait into my thoughts during this time--when I began to love my little gummy bear.

Rereading through my posts, I had forgotten that I got a spinal headache from the saddle block administered during my cerclage. 

For the first time in all my pregnancies, we decided to find out Baby's gender.  I was ecstatic when we found out we were having a little pink gummy bear to add to our family.

This post reveals much of what a mother who loses a pregnancy or a child feels while she waits to see if her efforts will be rewarded at the end of 40 weeks.

We were foster parents to our Angelo through August that year, and I remember with heartbreak the day they  took him to live permanently with his grandmother on the reservation. 

Wow.  I was big.  And I still had weeks to go at this point.

I got my stitch out on October 8th, and one of my favorite posts ever (one that I'd forgotten about, in all honesty) was "For the Last Time,"  where I expressed my joy about pregnancy and delivery.

And then, after a long night and a horrible morning (click here for the full birth story, including her stubborn refusal to enter the world in an anterior direction), here she finally was:
Our Evie.  Eve Diana Denton--named after the first woman on earth, and the last Tucker grandchild and the only one to bear her grandmother's name.
I enjoyed every single second with Evie as a newborn--dressed her like a living doll . . .
Who would have thought that after seven pregnancies, our eighth child would be . . .
October 2010--one year old
. . . white-blond with blue eyes?
 October 2011--two years old

2012--three years old

I love watching her excitement when someone comes home to see her.  I love the way she says, "Mommy, where IS you?"  or "Mommy, I lost you!"  or "Sanks (thanks)" or "SURE!"  I love snuggling close with her after naps and first thing in the morning.  I love watching her personality develop--her stubborn streak, her shy side, her love of babies.

I often marvel that God reserved such a spectacular blessing to complete our family.

I love you, Evie Diana Denton. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life loving you and being your mom.

Happy Birthday.


  1. Exactly.
    A daughter is such a blessing and your wee Eve is just gorgeous.

  2. Happy birthday to our darling Evie D.


  3. sweet post!

    God is Good...my lil Cole is a happy ending too

  4. what a beautiful post! what a blessing!

  5. Happy endings!

    Just beautiful!

    I'm glad you are all so blessed!

  6. Happy birthday, Evie girl!!!! I can't believe she's 3! Love that girl :)

  7. Love that white blond blue eyed sweetie!! Happy birthday Eve!!! I will never forget our first "connection" at the reunion when we played on the slide.

  8. this is so so sweet jen!!
    what a beautiful little girl. i love the meaning behind her name and those eyes!! precious.
    happy birthday eve

  9. She is so special. It comes right through the screen.


  10. A very happy belated birthday to sweet Evie :) She's grown so much since I've began reading your blog. She's absolutely beautiful :)

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