Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How We Forced Our Daughter to Turn Three

Here is what three looked like around here.
After two wild brothers, it's fun to indulge in girly things again.  Evie used her birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa T to buy a new Hello Kitty purse . . . "and I can put my stuff in it." Stuff includes keys, a phone, a Barbie--and Darth Vader.  What purse is complete without the Dark Lord?
She loves babies and pretend phones.  She spent much of the afternoon on the couch with her new purse and phone, calling Grandma and then heading to the store to buy pink candy and pumpkins.
Lily (who loves Cake Boss, if you remember) made Evie's cake.  She had a grand idea in her head of what it should look like, but it didn't turn out exactly how she planned.  By the time she's in high school, I'm sure her visions will be closer to the finished product.

Here is where the forced part of the birthday began . . .
Evie had been proud of her pink cake all day, but when it was time to sit around the cake and sing, she kept saying, "I don't WANT to! I don't WANT to!"
Brad tried to hold her down in front of it as we sang, but she escaped and ran to the mudroom for sanctuary from the evil that is birthday singing.  Uncle Hubert calmly talked her into coming back in, but she obstinately refused to eat any cake, just ice cream.  What three-year-old girl does that?  Mine, that's who.

It was a crazy busy school day with soccer practice, two piano lessons, one voice lesson, tumbling, a basketball game . . . oh, and a birthday, right?  We finally had time for presents just before bed. 

These pictures show her as happier than she actually was.  She didn't "WANT" to open presents.  After a few minutes, the kids just opened her presents and handed them to her--new bottles and dress for her baby . . .
. . . and a box full of dress ups.  This pink trunk was a private joke among me and the kids, since we had sneaked it in all of its pink and silver fuzzy glory onto the bottom of our Costco cart while Eve sat in the seat and never once even noticed it.  It was cute to see all the kids conspire in the the secret.
Maybe a new doll dress and baby bottles weren't that exciting, but who can resist dress-ups and clicky-clack shoes? Or a new princess scooter?
That would be Eve.  She wanted nothing to do with them.
Even after Lily adorned herself in princess finery, she still refused to touch any of them . . .
. . . okay, maybe just the shoes . . .
. . . and the crown, but don't even think about putting it on her head!
Just before bed, she allowed me to dress Baby in her new dress and Evie gave her a bottle to drink.  I don't think I've ever been more surprised at birthday present reactions.  A party tailored to a prissy girl--pink cake, babies, dress-ups, princesses?  Where did I go wrong? 

This was how she looked this morning . . .
I guess three just needed to grow on her for a day or so before she could face the reality that she's no longer a baby.

I can't believe it either.


  1. Evie! She"s getting so big - I can"t believe it! I called to say Happy Birthday to her yesterday between clinicals and mutual, but I'm sure you guys were busy. Hopefully she comes around to all the fun stuff she got!

  2. never can tell. I love the hiding present in the Costco buggy. I remember doing that too. She looks so precious! Happy birthday to Evie!

  3. Sometimes I still long for the days when you can act exactly how you feel on your birthday. There is real freedom in that!

  4. Oh, the joys of girls!!

    Lydia and Evie seem like they were cut from the same cloth! It has to be on Lydias terms!

    3 is way more big kid than baby:(

  5. I can't believe she is 3! More than that, I cannot believe how grown up Lily is getting!!

    CRAP! That means we are aging too - I refuse!
    As my besite - you have to refuse too!

  6. It looks like her brothers taught her well....making sure she has Darth Vader with her in her purse!

  7. I always forget that Evie is only a few weeks older than Hayden. I had a kid or two like Evie - and yes, they just need a day to adjust their thinking. There's something about enjoying things when everyone expects you to that goes against the grain, apparently. They're still new to three, and there's a little bit of two still left in there.
    I guess Hayden has dictated to Katie what kind of party she wants, and it will be interesting to see how it all goes. I wish I could be there...
    Evie is adorable. Such a pretty little girl and apparently very spunky - my favorite trait!

  8. I love that you let the family make her a cake. That's a special honor and it's nice to share.