Friday, October 26, 2012

Foto Friday--One Piece

Would you let your kid saunter off to school looking like this?  Look closely at Micah on the left.
The boys were LATE for school, and I couldn't let him leave without taking a picture of him in his one-piece pajamas for pj day.

 It didn't seem to affect him much--he ran home after school to snag his forgotten ice cream money and skipped and jumped all the way back.
Only after he was home for good and enjoying his bullet pop did I get a little information.

"Mom, it's not a good idea to wear onesies to school on PE day.  Or to the bathroom.  Just sayin'."

I still can't believe he went to school all day looking like that.  I laugh at what his teacher must have thought as he walked in the door . . .

Happy weekend!  Get your costumes done!


  1. Here's to happy boys everywhere - and yours is a little honey!

  2. I had one like that - couldn't have cared less about what anyone thought of him and he's the same way as an adult.

  3. Oh my gosh...this is good stuff! I bet he was the talk of the school. :)