Monday, October 29, 2012

It All Began with 300 Ducks . . .

High school dances are a big deal around here. You don't just text your intended and ask "Do you wanna go to Homecoming with me?" No. You must think of something elaborate and exciting and kinda zany to ask.
Ben came up with the "lucky ducky" idea.  I made the sign, ("I would be a lucky ducky if you would go to Homecoming with me") and he filled her bathtub with three HUNDRED miniature rubber duckies.  She had to find the ducks with letters in his name on the bottom, then piece together who it was that was asking her to the dance.
Blurry cell phone pictures, but you get the idea.  He made it more difficult by using his full name (more letters, you know).  I wish I could have seen her face when she got home.

Since the dance was just before Halloween, the school turned it into a masquerade ball, and I thought that was an awesome idea!

I had to coach Hyrum's soccer game just as the kids arrived to take photos, but Lily snapped a few pictures for me.  I wish I had set the camera at the right setting before I bolted out the door in my awesome Head Coach shirt, but these pictures are all I have.

Here is the whole group:
Can you find Woody and Jesse?  Angry Birds?  Cinderella and Prince Charming? Napoleon and Deb?
How about Barbie and Ken?

Ben's date borrowed the perfect Belle dress, so I couldn't disappoint her and let Ben look sloppy.
I found $2.99/yard velvet at SAS (our discount fabric store) and I made him a Beast jacket.  Yes, I made it. Yes, it took many many hours. No, I'd never made a jacket before.  Yes, I'm pretty proud of it.

Lily and Micah were Red Riding Hood and the wolf a few years ago, so Ben used Micah's wolf head to transform from prince to Beast.
I found the mustard linen "vest" (women's dress, actually) at Goodwill. Perfect, right?
The whole ensemble was quite hot, and I know he got super sweaty in that whole contraption, but they looked just like them, didn't they?

And her corsage may be my favorite ever. 

Now if you ever need a Beast costume, you know who to call, right?


  1. Totally impressed that you created that Beast outfit all by yourself!!

    What a fun idea...a masquerade ball. And the duckies had to be a riot for her.


  2. What a fun idea to have the dance be a masquerade!

    You out did yourself on that beast costume!

  3. Whose idea was putting the ducks in the bathtub? Mine, you say? Oh, ok. Just checkin'. ;)

  4. Fabulous coat! Cute costumes, these pictures have me wishing more dances were "Costume Balls"

  5. I can't believe you made that jacket! I'm very VERY impressed. Cute idea to use the duckies to ask Belle to the dance. Your kids have more fun... well that's because they have such a fun mama.

  6. My goodness - you are amazing! They look so good - great Beast!

  7. Wow, I'm totally impressed at the way Ben asked his date to Homecoming. Definitely much more creative than the usual "Ummm, so wanna go to homecoming together?" question :)

    I absolutely love the costumes. Ben makes a very handsome Beast and matched his date's Belle really well :)

  8. that is AMAZING!!!!
    have a happy day jen

  9. You SHOULD be proud, taht jacket looks awesome! Both of their costumes look great. What a fun dance. I LOVE McKay as Ken, he and his date were perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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