Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 This superstorm/Frankenstorm/hurricane/cyclone/whatever has captivated me.

I couldn't pull myself from the TV yesterday afternoon as the hurricane approached.  When would it hit land?  Would it beat the high tide?  Would the crane topple from the top of the apartment building?

Why was I so riveted?
Tucker is serving on Long Island--Freeport, NY to be exact.  His apartment is two blocks from the mandatory evacuation line stipulated on the Freeport website.  Front row seats.

We received an email from his mission president yesterday morning, outlining the mission's plan for waiting out the storm--wait it out safely then go out and serve the community any way they can.

I was never once nervous for my son's safety.  Tucker is obedient, and I knew he would follow his president's plan.

I was filled with excitement for him.  This boy loves nothing more than a great rainstorm, and here he was--living through the storm of the century!  I can't wait to hear his adventures.  I can't wait to feel his excitement.

I know he is being watched over by a loving mission president and our Heavenly Father. 

I can't wait until Monday when we should hear what he's doing.


  1. He is going to be serving joyfully ere long. They are going to have so much for those guys and gals to do!


  2. It must be the difference between having a son out in the mission field as opposed to having a daughter out,
    because I was a mess most of yesterday, worrying about our girl in Irondequoit, NY. We too, heard from the mission president who assured us parents that our missionaries were "hunkered down" in their apts. It's a little nerve-wracking.

  3. Awesome storm. On the news yesterday, they talked about all the "doctored" pictures floating around and being sent like crazy through twitter and facebook. Your storm pic is one of those. It is two different pictures, made into one. :)
    I sure enjoy "watching" these bits of your life. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Please post and let us know how he is and what he did during and after the storm.

  5. So glad he was safe! I have a friend here whose son is serving in a different part of NY and they were told to fill up their gas tanks (in case they needed to evacuate/help someone else evacuate), stay inside, and they were each given a 72 hour kit. Our boys and girls were well taken care of. I'm sure it helped you sleep!
    I'm with Lesa - I'll be waiting to hear about the service he'll be doing during the cleanup phase.

  6. I've been wondering how Tucker was faring. He's going to have lots of fun helping with clean up.

  7. What a year of experiences for your son! I can imagine that people in the neighbourhood will be so grateful at the sight of young helpers like your Tucker.