Monday, November 19, 2012

First World--Gratitude

As a consumer and member of the First World, I know there are many luxuries I take for granted.  As I took time to reflect on this, a few specific luxuries came to mind.

  • Time to nap--especially on Sunday afternoon.  As Ben said, "A two-hour nap--delicious!
  • Choice of toilet paper.  Quilted Northern forever and always.
  • DVR.  How would I ever get the laundry folded on Monday afternoons without my weekly dose of "The Amazing Race"?
  • Grocery carts equipped with Little Tikes cars on the front. Eve drives and I shop. Win-win.
  • Arby's less than a mile from my house.  Chopped turkey farmhouse salad.  Mmmmm.
  • 3G iPhone 4S. It may be old school now, but it still gets me my weekly emails from NYC in almost real time.
  • Brooks running shoes.  I have worn the same model (Ariel, size 8) for the last forever.
  • Corded phones--because I can never find the cordless version.
My life is easy and blessed.

Little luxuries that mean a lot--what are your favorites?


  1. My favorite luxury is time to myself. And good books. And scented candles. And having my kids all come home together at once!


  2. Great list! Oh how I miss those little tikes grocery carts...even if I did crash into quite a few displays driving them!

  3. Add a nice hot bubble bath and I concur.

  4. 1. My iPhone. It's older than yours but I still love it. It keeps me connected and on schedule. Usually.
    2. Online shopping. Saves much time, and occasionally, money.
    3. Frequent visits with Mia and Hayden on the 'puter. Sometimes we're all in our underwear (or in Hayden's case, NAKED) but that's ok. It's just us girls.
    4. Phone calls from Lexi (the other two are too young). She talks to me like she's about 49 years old and says words like "fantastic" and "wondrous delight."
    5. Chemotherapy that is kinder and gentler by kicking my dad's cancer in the behind and not making him too sick.
    6. A husband who just smiles and shakes his head, and lets me go. And go.
    7. Kids who actually want me to visit! Imagine that!
    8. Facials. I loooooove facials. I need to treat myself to one soon. Very soon.
    9. Good perfume
    10. A pedicure every two weeks. Heaven!

  5. grateful that i'm raising kids with a washer and dryer and a microwave. ipods and tv are great babysitters for when i need to shower too...or when i want to nurse chase without anyone barging in...or when, we'll you get the idea:)