Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Like to Move It Move It--Gratitude

It's been a long time coming.
 I don't remember the exact date I last wore one of these.

Look closer.

Yep, that's me.

After a disappointing, training-ending injury to my hips in 2008, I haven't been able to RUN.

Until tomorrow, that is.

Tomorrow at 9 am to be precise, I will join thousands of other trotters for the City of Mesa Turkey Trot.  I will be wearing #419, and I will be RUNNING 10,000 meters.  10K.  6.2 miles.  Yippee!

It's taken me months to work up to what used to seem like a short 6.2 miles.  Months.  Slow months of walking and walking then adding a minute of running. Months of wondering if this would be the distance that would send me back to the couch, no longer able to run.  Months of ice packs and stretching and ibuprofen post-run to prevent injury.

I couldn't stop smiling as I walked into the building to pick up my shirt and bib this morning.  I couldn't stop reaching over to the passenger seat, just to fondle the cheap cotton.  I couldn't stop reading my name on the back of the bib.  Yes.  Me. 

I walked up the stairs to our bedroom, holding the bib up to my chest like it will look tomorrow, ready to show Brad.

I can't express my gratitude that I can run tomorrow.  You don't really appreciate something as small as running outside for as long and as far as you want until that joy is taken away.  I am so grateful my body has held up to training.  I am so grateful that I'm ready for this race.  I am so happy.

I may have to lay my clothes out tonight, just like I always did before the first day of school, and I won't forget my ibuprofen or my ice packs because, after all, I am in the same age demographic as Steve Nash.

And come tomorrow, that means that I'll have 640 extra calories to expend on Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Yay! I'm happy for you! Enjoy your run and your extra 640 calories!

  2. Have fun Jen!! good for you! I wish that I could run still!

  3. GOOD.FOR.YOU! That is awesome! Knock 'em dead tomorrow my friend!

  4. Hooray! And I know the feeling (somewhat). GO catch that turkey tomorrow!

  5. Way to go, Jen!

    40 is the new 20! or 43....

  6. I know how you feel! Last year I trained for 8 months to run a half-marathon... and two weeks before I hurt my knee. I couldn't give it up so I ran the half anyway, but afterward my knee was so sore. Physio and chiropractic and exercises and rest and 13 months later, and my knee still hurts when I run. Even when I take it easy on the treadmill. :( Maybe someday I'll be back too!

    Congrats on your 10K!!!

  7. How did you do? Hanna and I were there too but we didn't see you.

  8. i loved eating everything and anything without one thought the day i ran my half marathon. :)