Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Review Extravaganza--Part 3

It was hard to find the time today to post part three of the Review Extravaganza--glad I found an almost quiet minute to sit down here at the computer.

July was my favorite month of the entire year--the month we spent in paradise on the East Coast.

We picked wild raspberries and found fossils.

We went to Carlo's Bakery and dropped off a package at Tucker's mission office.
I got to fulfill a lifelong dream--catching fireflies.

We attended the Hill Cumorah Pageant and visited Watkin's Glen, two posts that I always dreamed I'd get to but never edited the pictures.

And with that, our big adventure was over, culminating with Brad flying to NM to complete the final day of driving for me.

Twenty-five days and eleven different hotels.  It was magical and will live on in my memory as one of the best adventures of my life.

I took all the kids back-to-school shopping, Hyrum, Micah, Lily, and Ben.

Hyrum ran home barefoot from a friend's house and actually blistered his feet on the AZ sidewalk (and Micah had to be his slave for the night).
School started, and Olympic fever spread to the Denton home.  Thanks again for the video, Sam!
August 21st was my 43rd birthday, and I bravely posted my emotional struggles over the last few months.  That post is still difficult for me to read, but as I compare where I was then to where I am now, I am grateful I put those thoughts into words.

Brubakers came for a three-week visit, and I loved every second of them being here, especially playing the piano for my girlies to dance, just like my dad did for me.
And Evie got her first haircut, changing instantly into a big girl.

I read to my two favorite little girls.

And I took some time editing and posting pictures from our Grand Adventure.  This is one of my favorites.
I had high hopes of getting all of my pictures edited and posted, but that will probably never happen, much to my sadness.  Life just gets busy, I'm afraid.
Lucky for me, the memories we made within the walls of this small grey house will live forever in my memory.  Forever.

Evie loves shoes, especially my high heels.
I read Steve Jobs' biography, probably my favorite book of the year.

Here's a picture of Hyrum at the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA--one of my favorite shots all year.

And Ben made the winning catch in a crazy close game.

Just reading through my summer adventures reminds me how amazing our summer was.  Thanks again, Allyson, for sharing your paradise with us.

And thanks to you ladies for hosting this link party!


  1. Ugh. I'd forgotten about those poor feet.

    Loving your recap!

    Merry Christmas, Jen.


  2. Oh those poor feet! I really do not miss the AZ heat- two 1/2 years of it was enough for me. Love the thing about the lightning bugs. i grew up in the midwest so we would always go out and catch them and didn't think anything of it-- but yes it would be magical if didn't grow up with them.

    Very impressed you made that cross country trip. Glad it was such a great one. LOVE the picture of Evie in your shoes, adorable.

    Great recap! Oh and don't forget we thought it would be fun to add 5 goals/hopes as part of the last recap. That way when we recap the following year we can see if they came true.

  3. wild raspberries grow in my mom's backyard... yum!

  4. That edited photo of your grand adventure is awesome! I couldn't imagine getting blisters on my feet like that. and 25 days - that was vacation. super jealous!

  5. that car picture is awesome. the bright colors and the kids all doing different crazy things are why i like it. i remember reading that foot story when it happened and thinking that is why i don't live in AZ! lol

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