Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Review Extravaganza, Part 4

It's been a whirlwind ever since Christmas, but I wanted to make time to post my last installment for the 2012 Review Extravaganza before it was too late.

I posted a few more times about our Grand Adventure, including the birth of Sunbake,

photos of Shumhurst's barn, and the unexpected wisdom I gained from our host in Wyalusing, Mark.

Ben's choir concert triggered a high school memory of my own.

And Brad and I took a quickly planned but perfectly executed trip to the Northeast.

Evie turned three, somewhat reluctantly, and I posted her birth story.

I hosted Ben's Homecoming Costume Ball dinner (and made him an awesome Beast costume!), and Superstorm Sandy ngulfed the East Coast and my oldest son survived it.

And we will not soon forget Ben and his buddies spoofing One Direction at school for Halloween, or
Grandma Tucker dressing as Grandpa Tucker!

I had my four-year blogoversary on Election Day, the results of which I had to address.
I actually followed up on a few of my Pinterest pins, and I talked about the evolution of blogging.

Ben's football team won the state championship for the third year in a row.

I ran my first Turkey Trot in at least four years.

And the best addition to our family all year--Nathaniel Reid Brubaker was born on November 23rd.


I flew up to Idaho to help with Nathan, and while I was up there, my oldest baby, Nathan's mama, celebrated her birthday, which I recounted in five separate posts, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.  It was a story, for sure.

Ben went to girl's choice Winter Formal not just once,
but twice.

And we had to give away our beloved dog, Roxy.  It was a sad day.
 I got a few photos from my grandma trip edited--still so many more.

And like the Tucson, Columbine, and Aurora shootings before it, none of us will forget where we were when we were forced to locate Newtown, CT, on a map.

Christmas was magical here at the Sanatorium, but I have had no time to edit and post.  Hopefully when the year is new and things wind down a little bit more.

I am so grateful for 2012--all of its roller coaster moments and memories.  Most of all, I am grateful I took the time to record the births of each of my children and the changes that happen when children begin to fly the nest.

Thanks for hosting ladies, and bring on 2013!


  1. great photos!!

  2. Okay I have just spent the last 20 minutes reading tons of your links from this post. I am so grateful that you recapped with us as I forgot how much I miss your blog! Somewhere along the way I stopped coming to it as much as I used to-- that is going to change. I love your writing.

    Your high school memory post- girl you had guts! I don't know if I could have told the teacher that in the moment but reading it now I was really glad you did.
    And love that your son and his friends dressed up like that and people thought they were actually them too funny.
    Loved your political post and yes I am just here holding my breath seeing what will happen next- sadly none of which seems good.
    And your post about big blogging- couldn't agree more. I do have one ad on my blog now but that is it and I am not pursing it as I don't want to lose the reason I began blogging- I don't want my motivation to change as then I just don't think I will love it as much.
    Thank you so much for recapping. Glad you did so I could rediscover your blog again.

  3. Beauty and the Beast for the Costume Ball.... OMG how totally freakin awesome! Ok so truthfully that's my favorite movie, but a costume ball in general sounds awesome!

  4. Wow, I just went and read through all the parts of your 2012 recap and Heidi's birth story. You've had quite the busy year last year. I'm so glad you did such a big recap session.

    I especially love the birth stories you wrote for your kids. It's always interesting to read other people's experience. And Heidi's birth story was the most intense one to read too. I totally feel for you since the word "pre-eclampsia" had never entered my mind until the day the doctor told me I was at risk for developing that with Ellie. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you at such an early age.

    And I love how your year ended with the birth of your grandson :) It's just the perfect way to finish up the year, isn't it?

    You're kids are growing up so fast and it's great being able to watch them grow up on this blog. :)