Monday, December 31, 2012

Third Time Was Definitely NOT Charming

Three times this year we have traveled north to visit family.

First time, we blew a tire just outside The Gap, AZ.

Second time, we blew a tire just outside Las Vegas, NV.

Third time, we blew a tire just a few yards from the exit ramp in Scipio, UT.
I knew the tire was losing pressure (thanks to my handy dandy computerized gauge on the dashboard), but I kept hoping we would make it to the exit and the Flying J, visible on the left in the above picture.

We didn't.

Two phone calls and an hour later, this dashing man came to our rescue.

We all strapped into our seat belts and rode in the Suburban--on the back of the tow truck!  Hyrum said it felt like we were in a monster truck.
From my throne in the driver's seat I viewed the tire's destruction in the mirror.
Completely shredded.

We were lucky we didn't crash.  We were lucky the tow truck was less than a mile away.  We were lucky it was daylight so we didn't freeze as we waited by the side of the road.  We were lucky we were less than two hours away from our destination in Salt Lake City.  We were lucky we had Phineas and Ferb on DVD.

Before we leave for home, I promise we will get the missing part to our jack.  But that's what I said before we left for Pennsylvania.

Have a great New Year's Eve, people!  We are loving the snow and hating the cold and loving our family and hating the lack of sleep here in Utah.


  1. ugh! So sorry about the tire. Yep, it's cold up here in Utah. If you are around on Wed, some of us are going to meet for lunch. We'd love to have you. Email me for details, and Happy New year!

  2. It sounds like you have had quite an adventure.
    Adventure aren't always a blast either.
    But they are ALWAYS memorable.

    Happy New Years. We are visiting my son in Ogden. It's freezing bitter cold here. That is saying a lot from a Rexburg girl.

    Hope 2013 is full of awesome.

  3. I thought it felt more lovely up here in the SLC! Happy 2013, jenny denton!

  4. you were more than lucky, you were protected. <3

  5. You have not had this car long enough to have this many tire problems! Of course you have been road tripping quite bit! So glad you were watched over & protected.

  6. Kinda crazy that you are having so many flats. What's up with that?

    Glad your holidays were so enjoyable with the family...That makes up for a lot of tire mishaps, eh?


  7. it is SOOOO cold this year. makes me feel like we are in rexburg again! happy new year:) some luck you have with tires!

  8. Holy cow that is a lot of blown tires! You were so close that last time