Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cozy Dinner for Ten

I hosted a formal dinner for eight older ladies this week, and I couldn't stop myself from posting pictures of the table.  It is one of my all-time favorites.
I love silver and green and white this season for some reason.  I love its simple and uncluttered feeling.
I used a white-on-white wrapping paper over the white tablecloths to add a little texture, and I just shopped the house for little accents like the pine cone balls and acorns.
I bought some greenery and carnations from the florist as well.  Did you know they sell flowers by the stem?  Handy bit of info. I loved having so much room in the middle of the tables to put together an elaborate centerpiece of different heights and textures.
I wrapped a box of chocolates for each of the ladies to take home (not just any chocolates--Lindor balls!), and these packages added just a bit of childhood excitement to their faces when they saw them.
It was all in the details.  What a beautiful night.  Too bad I don't cook as beautifully as I decorate!


  1. Gorgeous! At least you can decorate ;)

  2. that is very beautiful. Super classy. I always say that nothing tastes better than chocolate that you didn't buy. Wrapped in a gorgeous box? Yes, please!

  3. You are an excellent cook when you want to be. I am sure the food was as good as the table setting.

  4. This is such a wonderful tradition, Jen!! I'm sure it made those ladies feel so special!

  5. I can imagine that the chatter at the table must have been lovely to hear. What a nice thing to do!

  6. Gorgeous!

    And boy, do I wish I could have been there!!