Friday, December 14, 2012

Foto Friday--What We've Been Up to This Week

 First, a couple photos from our trip to Rexburg.  

I want to eat this guy, he's so sweet.

A few random comments from my family this week:

I called my sister Sunday night to wish her a happy birthday and the first thing out of her mouth when she answered the phone?  "If you've seen Amazing Race, don't tell me what happens!!! Hello, how are you?"  The irony of this comment?  When I looked at Facebook Monday morning, Karen posted an update on her birthday and how happy she was that the Beekman boys won.  Ironically, I hadn't seen the finale, so she ruined the surprise for ME.  Thanks a lot!

At our Family Home Evening Monday night, Brad asked the kids what was different in their lives when I was gone to Rexburg.  Ben tried to articulate his feelings about me being gone by saying, "I don't know.  I can't explain it.  But home just FELT different, knowing Mom wasn't there while we were at school or if there was an emergency."  It's not very often we moms get validation like this for what we do.  Thanks, Ben.
Micah had a surprise piano recital for his piano teacher.

I took a belated birthday gift to my bestie, Karen (Yes, my best friend and my sister are both named Karen, and they have birthdays two days apart.  Yes, it does get confusing.).  Her hubby got her a new KitchenAid  mixer, but when I pulled out three boxes of the now-extinct Ding Dongs, Karen hugged me hard and exclaimed, "That's the best birthday present I ever got!"  As long as I've known Karen, she's frozen and eaten Ding Dongs, brainwashing all of our kids into believing that they are Mom food.  It was fun to surprise her like that.  Wonder how long they'll last her?

Lily had a choir concert.
I love it when music teachers value our time as parents enough to keep concerts short and sweet and good music to boot.

And finally, a funny Hyrum-ism.  His Primary teacher found me after Church Sunday and said that their lesson that day had been about animals.  She had asked the class if they remembered any scripture stories about animals and Jesus.  Hyrum, like most of the Denton kids, raised his hand and said, "I do. I do!!  I know the story of Jesus and the ten leopards, when He healed them and only five came back to thank Him!"  

I love that he knew the story so well, but since the word leper is so unfamiliar to him, he substituted it with what he knows.  Can  you picture it in your mind--ten leopards?  

Make like a leopard this weekend, and remember to express your gratitude to others for what they do for you during this very busy season.


  1. Sooooo funny about the ten leopards!!! I looked for you in Broulim's but didn't see you. I saw Heidi (in Broulim's) several months ago and told her how much I love your blog.