Friday, January 4, 2013

Foto Friday--Vacation Foto Dump

We're back after a week in the frozen north.  Whoever said snow is preferable to AZ summer obviously didn't have -17 degrees to deal with.  It was fantastic for a week, but I have never been so grateful for my 60-degree AZ winter day as I was this morning.

We had a blast, especially in the snow (or "no" or "s. no" as Evie calls it).

All Evie wanted to do was make a "no angel" and build a "no man."  It was way too cold for snowmen, but we found plenty of s no to make angels.
 One morning we bundled up all the cousins and headed to Jordan High School for some impromptu sledding.  The snow was patchy, but that didn't deter anyone.

 I love it when these two can spend a lot of time together.  Ever since they were little, it's been "Lily and Gabe."  They never fight and they are never in trouble (any more, now that they're bigger!).

McKay came down the hill and hit so hard that he lost his boots.  His mom and I, who were taking pictures, couldn't believe he'd left the house without socks!  That's a Utah boy!

 I thought my AZ baby would hate the cold, but she loved every second of it.  Up and down the hill, in the snow whenever she could, didn't want to leave.  It was a great day for her.

 Even a few adults got in on the fun.  I was not one of those few.

 And where was Micah?  The biggest surprise of the morning was that Micah didn't like sledding.  He was more interested in throwing snowballs at everyone and making them cold and mad and then when they'd throw snow back at him, he'd melt into a puddle of tears. 
Everyone had so much fun that they went to a bigger hill later that afternoon for one quick run each. 

"The Widow Maker," as it is dubbed, was so much better that plans were quickly made to return on New Year's Eve for a few more runs.  Brad dropped the five little kids off at the bottom with a few sleds and then drove to the top of the hill to meet up with the truck full of big kids and adults.  Unfortunately, the truck got stuck and despite heroic efforts, refused to be extricated. 

Luckily, our Suburban didn't get stuck, so after an hour, Brad drove back down the hill to make sure the younger kids were okay.  The twelve-year-olds had ditched the three little boys (ages 5-8) and no one knew where Hyrum was.  It took Brad twenty minutes walking through the snow to find him, crying and cold and alone.  It was not a good moment to be twelve, that's for sure.  Fortunately, everyone was fine, they got the truck out of the snow, and everyone headed home for some hot chocolate and a sit in the hot tub to warm their bones.  It's an adventure that we will talk about for years--"Remember the time Uncle Greg's truck got stuck and Lily and Gabe ditched the little boys and Micah and McKay ditched Hyrum and Ben bruised his shoulder going down the Widow Maker at Point of the Mountain?"

Isn't it ironic that memories are often much more vivid when things don't turn out like we planned?


  1. You should read my last blog post. This is cracking me up. My son who is almost the exact same age as Evie says snow the SAME way!!! I tested it and with every "s" that comes before a consonant, he skips the "s" sound. So cute!

  2. I hate that sink in my stomach feeling when icantfind one of the kids! Life lessons for a 12 year old I am sure!

  3. LOVE the photo of Brad and Evie!!!
    Evie's hat is adorable! I got the owl version for Christmas. Good for these negative temp mornings driving kids to Seminary.

  4. I grew up outside of Chicago - so cold and snow and have live din Utah, Colorado, Arizona and now California - and I definitely do not miss the snow. It does look like fun sledding though and yes I don't think you will forget this anytime soon.

  5. I'm almost always happy when things don't turn out as planned, because they're almost always better. I tend to think in predictable ways, and the unexpected is usually a wonderful delight.

  6. Loving all the snow! I hope we will get some this year!

  7. What great cousin memories...hopefully Hyrum has some too! :)
    It's funny, Brady isn't a fan of sledding either, but would stay out all day in the snow for a snowball fight!
    I love all your snow pics. Your colors are so bright and vibrant! We had snow on Christmas Eve and I thought I would get some good ones with my new camera...but no such luck. :( I thought with the bright snow, it would be easy but I must be doing something wrong. Hopefully I can figure it out before winer is over!

  8. hahahaha, sounds like a good tubing day!!! jordan high is 2 miles from my house. i've never thought about sledding there though. don't know why i haven't b/c it's a great hill. my inlaws live in highland, just past the point of the mountain. so you were so close to everything we do:)AND i will say that we are abnormally cold here this year. these temps are rexburg temps! we are never this cold in utah. it's crazy!

  9. p.s. evie's hat was my favorite. so cute

  10. We've been spending a lot of time on the hill. When the weather is mild there is nothing like it! Looks like you had a beautiful afternoon. And yes I think I could use a little Arizona weather about now too : )

  11. Looks like a great time, setbacks and all.


  12. What a lot of fun that must have been - but I'd take sunshine over snow any day of the week!