Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Recap Week--The Photo Shoot

We grabbed the last rays of light one Sunday afternoon, attempting a family photo shoot.

I had to remind myself that out of 537 pictures, we only needed one good one.  We got a few.  Here's the whole crew:
It is a little blurry, but at least we're all looking at the camera halfway pleasantly.  And at least it's better than it was rendered by the card company--which is so bad that I almost didn't sent cards this year, but they are on their way, better late than never, right?

This is how we really are, as if you had to guess (can you find Eve?):
Bonus.  I got one good one of each of the monkeys.  Yay.




Trying to keep his eyes open

We were lucky to get one of her at all.

The Brubakers were especially photogenic that night.
 With or without kids

Love this spunky girl

We fought over that baby all week.  Lily lucked out this time.

Heidi insisted she take some of me and Brad.

The one above was decent, but most of them were some version of this one below.
I know. I'm a lucky woman.

 Micah hung in that tree over five minutes, and Hyrum had ditched his vest and ruined his shirt by this time.

 We had a strength contest on the stop sign.  Lily and Ben were both quite impressive. 
There is no photographic evidence of Dad's participation in the contest.  Needless to say, it wasn't that impressive.

And Brad even managed a half-decent shot of the least photogenic member of our family.
I just wish Tucker had been here.  Sigh.  Guess what?  We are counting under 130 days now!


  1. I LOVE family pictures. Thanks

  2. Those as all great - the serious and the funny!

  3. great family photos jenny!! happy new year!

  4. love these jen!
    (and lovin those chairs too!:) )
    i'm diggin that half smile:)
    and the strength competitions was quite do they do that?
    have a happy day jen

  5. Love to see families in their "true" sleves. The one of Brad mauling you is probaby my favorite!

  6. I thought who is Heidi holding.

    If you miss one blog post you miss a lot... I missed that news!

    CONGRATS....i'm having baby envy again...

    my Cole is growing too fast

  7. Good family pictures - it helps that they're a good looking bunch! And I LOVE your glasses! Very cute look for you! But I'm astounded at the virtual weightlessness of Lily and Ben in those two pictures. How do they do that?!?

  8. Looks like a fun time.
    Over 500 pictures? I bet there were 500+ awesome ones.

    Good for you for doing it.

  9. I couldn't find Evie! I think I saw a piggie tail. Family time, there is nothing like it. As for photogenic-ness. Photo editing is my best friend haha. 130 days doesn't sound so long.. the home stretch.

  10. That crazy family picture--if I didn't know better I'd think Heidi was being mean to that poor, sweet baby! love the pictures, and it won't be long before you have them all home! How crazy is that, seems like you have rounded 3rd base & are headed towards home, yea!!

  11. Very cute :) I would like Lily and Ben to teach me how to do that. Looks like you had fun for Christmas in AZ!

  12. You've got one big photogenic family and its great seeing it grow every year. Looking forward to seeing that large family photo with Tucker in it this year :)