Friday, February 22, 2013

Foto Friday--I Swear She's Not My Favorite

 She's just the only one who will sit still for a picture when I ask her.
 She's especially amenable if there are strawberries involved.
Now if I could just capture her once with her hair done . . . 


  1. she is just so beautiful jen!!
    love the look of the b&w's
    have a happy day

  2. She is such a cute girl, Jen. Those big eyes really draw you in.


  3. jen, i love her eyes. they're so intense, as if she can look right through you. i'm just getting back into photography again. these black and white shots are so cool and artsy!

  4. Pretty little girl. Hayden is the same way - always has her hair all over the place. But - that's part of their charm! Your kids have such beautiful eyes, I'm never looking at their hair anyway!

  5. How can she not be your favorite?! :) She has such gorgeous eyes!