Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Points for Creativity

The house behind us is being gutted and remodeled by an investor, and there is nothing more exciting to young boys than digging through trash, finding treasures, then turning those treasures into something spectacular.

Micah and Hyrum have been having a blast as our newest local sculptors.  Here is an example of their latest work:
 They used the bottom of a broken music stand as the base and wrapped it with a length of rope.  The lantern hook shoved into the ground behind was their catapult, and they used it to throw plastic balls as far as they could.

Here's a closer look:
 Remember those toys with a plunger-like bottom and a basket on top to catch balls?  They dismantled one and painted the accordion-style base with green and orange stripes.

And my favorite part?  The pink fuzzy saxophone.  The crowning glory.
Why were the contractors throwing away such valuable things?

I love my boys' resourcefulness and energy and excitement.

As for me today--I can barely lift the remote to switch channels from Dora to Daniel Tiger for Evie.  Gonna be one of those days . . .


  1. ummmm....that "toy" looks just like our toilet plunger....that's all I can think of when I look at their creation. ick! Fingers crossed it's not a plunger :)

  2. Is that a real saxophone? What?

  3. They are cool guys with lots of imagination. I like their creation!


  4. Very fancy piece of art you have there. I love me some creative boys!

  5. Okay that is truly awesome! Really seems like a sculpture that could be in a modern art museum.