Friday, February 8, 2013

Foto Friday--It Was the Light

 We attended Lily's cross-country meet. (Can you find Lily?  She's in the middle of the shot.)
And of course I brought my camera. (She's a little easier to find in this picture.)
She ran hard, but it wasn't her best race, that's for sure.
As we consoled our girl, the light began to change.
It was that magical fifteen minutes of golden light.
Fleeting, glowing, beautiful light.
Light that makes every shot beautiful.
Light that changes blond to gold.
. . . and brown to melted chocolate.
I couldn't snap fast enough.
The sun disappeared, and with it, our moment in the light.

Have a great weekend.  And for those of you on the East Coast (including a certain missionary I know and love), brace yourself.  It's coming.


  1. Poor Lily, looks like a hard time. Thane was sent home on the bus--too much coughing his coach said, so no meet for us. That light is amazing, would have loved to watch you snap those shots. Gorgeous! Looks like class is paying off!

  2. oh that light is beautiful!
    great shots jen!!:)
    wish we had some sun today of any kind...gray and dreary...yuck!
    have a happy weekend

  3. You captured a hard moment for Lily but she'll live to fight again. I know - that blizzard! It's raining cats here, and I've called Katie a million times for updates. We Face Timed with our iphones and it looks beautiful outside her windows, but she's not sure if Zach will be able to drive home from the hospital tonight. Their governor placed a statewide ban on driving after 4pm. Haven't talked to the NYC kids yet, so hopefully they're also doing well, and have stocked up for the storm.
    Beautiful images of your kids, by the way.

  4. i'm inspired by these beautiful pics. great shots! your lily is such a determined looking little sweetheart. she's just gonna keep getting better and better :)

  5. Great photos, Jen. Heather always loves that time of day too...the golden light.


  6. Yes there is so something so warm and yummy about that golden time. Nothing like good light to make a photographer happy.

    Sorry she didn't have her best race

  7. Beautiful photo of lily. You know the one. The one that shows her heart! It is fabulous. All of them are great...but she is stunning in that moment.