Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wanna Know a Secret?

I love my teenagers.  I love being enveloped back in the world of dances and dates and driving and drama.  Love it.

However, it is often a hard transition from child to adult, pocked with moments of insecurity and frustration.  It's hard to learn what is appropriate and what isn't, hard to find where you belong.

Lily has a not-so-secret love affair with Cake Boss and dreams of culinary school and kitchen gadgets, so I decided to sign us both up for a cake decorating class at a local baking supply shop.

She was delighted with every bit of information and came home ready to bake and decorate some cakes.

Three times this last week we transformed our kitchen into Carlo's Bakery--once for cupcakes for a Young Women's activity. . .

. . . once for an experimental chocolate/peanut butter cake fiasco with her cousin . . .

. . . and again on Sunday for a cupcake dessert tray after dinner.  Three different cakes.  Three different frostings.  One time she even filled the cupcakes with a special filling tip she got at our class.

Despite always having to clean the kitchen when she's done, baking makes her so happy.  Funny thing about all this baking.  She turned to me Sunday afternoon and said, "You should be the baker, if you're loving it so much."

Secret?  I hate baking. I hate the mess it makes and the time it takes and did I mention the mess?

I hate baking, but I love Lily, and I will take any opportunity I can find to connect with my lovely daughter, even if it means buying all the powdered sugar in the world.


  1. You are a good mom! As one who does not love baking, I only hope I would do the same...


  2. What a gift you gave to the two of you with that class! Your support of your daughter's interest is so important and something she's not likely to ever forget.

  3. I love this Jen! I hate messes too, so I can totally relate!

    Bring on the powdered sugar!

  4. The best part --to me-- is that Lily doesn't even know that you don't like it! That means you are really doing it right. Well done, well done.

    And the cupcakes look fabulous! Now she just needs to figure out that tie-dyed frosting & teach us....

  5. Those cupcakes look great. I would love to take a cake decorating class.

  6. Those cupcakes look delicious! As one who LOVES to bake, I totally get it! From measuring everything precisely, smelling it while it bakes, to tasting it when it is finally done- so fulfilling. Can't wait till she gets up here! I've been thinking about what we will make while she is here for weeks!