Friday, March 15, 2013

Foto Friday--Art

Spring is so beautiful around here (and fleeting--we hit a record 95 degrees yesterday).
I used our peach tree as the subject for my final photography assignment.

One lesson I learned while completing this assignment  is that even though I envision a shot, capturing what I have envisioned is harder than it seems.

I tried to freeze a few of the bees (bees are kinda my theme this year, remember?), but it proved more difficult than I thought.

Then, it happened.
I got the bee shot.  I love how the bee is frozen during his approach to the flower.  I love the colors and the composition of this shot.

I also tried to use a reflector to highlight some of the shadows of the tree. Hyrum has been my reflector assistant during a few shoots, and he likes to find the correct angle for the light to reflect in the correct place.


This day he was more interested in other things and wanted a reprieve from his indentured servitude, so I impulsively asked him to hold the board behind one of the branches so that he could move on to more exciting ventures.

And this is what I got from that impulse.
My favorite photo from the entire experience.

If you live locally, I would recommend Brandt's class wholeheartedly.  I look forward to improving my skills and evaluating light and composition every time the camera is in my hands.

Have a great weekend!  We will probably break another heat record today before it cools down a little bit.  Spring is definitely a teenage girl.


  1. i think the bee shot is excellent and inspiring! and i'm sooo jealous of your 95 degrees as i sit here in a sweater and hoodie cuz it's 33 degrees out.

  2. We had 75 yesterday, but tomorrow it is supposed to cool right back down to normal. Makes you want to do yard work. Great shot of the bee!

  3. 95? I won't even tell you we still have snow on the ground. Or that we "might" hit 70o here today.
    I will tell you I love your photographer's eye for all things beautiful. You could frame some of these shots!

  4. You've learned such a lot from the course - and the shots are truly lovely.
    I would sure like an hour or two of sunshine and warmth!

  5. Yesterday we had snow when we woke up, 60 mph wind gusts (with 30-40mph sustained wind), some rain, and sunny times. Only in Idaho can this happen! :) It was fun to see Lily even if it was only for a few minutes.