Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break Staycation--The Zoo

Spring is the best time of year to attend the Phoenix Zoo--the temperatures, the animals, the kettle corn (yes, mmmm, the kettle corn).

  The attractions start before you even pay for admission.
What are they staring at?
Turtles and ducks and fish, oh my!

The kids love the African savannah's clubhouse overlook.
And Micah repeatedly told us that he saw a gazelle poop up close through this lens.
The main reason we went to the zoo was so that Ben and James could use my zoo pass to get their dates in for free.  I was happy to oblige, but I had to stay in the background and couldn't call any attention to my presence by asking them to pose for a picture.  Oh no, that would not be cool.  Look at Micah in this shot.  Little thief.  I told you--the kettle corn is amazing.
 The kids ran and hid and played and jumped for two hours.  Two hours of animals (and poop, don't forget) and family and sunshine.
 Mom even consented to a carousel ride. 
 That doesn't happen often.
 No one got lost.
 We got to see the Kimodo dragon.
 No one cried for very long.
 And the only lost item was Micah's drink bottle.
I classify that as a successful trip.


  1. If there is a kid alive that doesn't like the zoo I'll eat my hat...wait, make that a bag of kettle corn

  2. you had me at "no one cried!"

    successful indeed!

  3. That made me laugh: "no one cried for very long..." I love going to the zoo - it makes everyone happy, and there's always something amazing to see.
    By the way, I looked at your previous post, and I love your new photography skills.

  4. Your photos are looking wonderful! And I love staycations best of all.

    We used to take our kids to Griffith Park Zoo all the time. Such fun. And when we really wanted to go all out, we would hit the San Diego Zoo.


  5. I love the zoo!!! I swear, everyone I know went in the last week since the weather was so perfect. I'm adding it to my summer bucket list...except by then it will be miserably hot.

  6. What a very fun Zoo day!! I love stay-cations! We are looking forward to our spring break next week! Sometimes it is just fun to do the things close to home!

  7. We loved the zoo when we lived there! The turtles never get old.