Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break Staycation--The Wind Caves

 the desert really is green sometimes

After evaluating the forecast for Spring Break, we determined that Monday would be the optimum weather choice to hike to the Wind Caves.
  I love this hike, because even the littlest among us can do it unassisted. It's also a manageable distance where you feel like you accomplish something without exhaustion and tears.
 Evie only needed help about half of the way, and she found so many rocks for her "K'lection."
The weather was perfect.  
 Absolutely perfect. 

  Perfect by AZ standards is no chill in the air but no sweat on your neck either.  
 We get perfect only about ten days a year.
 Harder than reading AZ weather?  
Getting a decent picture of this crew.
I did try a few times.  
The light was patchy in this spot, but I did try for a while.  Someone was always pulling a face--can you imagine that--while trying to photograph five boys and a toddler?

Watch Brad's face and hand in this series.
 James kept pulling faces. Brad's winding up.
 Here it comes, and James has no clue.
It was even funnier when it happened.  Lucky for us, James gets Brad's sense of humor.

And lucky for me, I caught him by surprise once.
 By the time they were all beaten into photographic submission, the sun was setting and it was getting pretty dark.
I did squeak out a few last shots before my camera battery died.

Like I said, perfect.  Perfect temperature.  Perfect kids (for once in their lives). Perfect sunset.

I think the planets were all in alignment or something, because I KNOW it will never happen again.


  1. I agree, this is the perfect hike. Great shots of your cute family.

  2. You got some great shots of a perfect day.