Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rambling Road

Have you ever experienced those phases of life where . . .

. . . you can't pinpoint it exactly, but it is elusive and not easily defined.

I've been feeling like this.

I have two project posts that need to be published.  The projects are complete, most of the photos taken, and I can't make myself finish them.

I have two birthday parties tomorrow--one fairly small and one fairly involved, and I can't make myself get the supplies or proceed with the planning.

I have a week-long series of posts swimming through my brain, and I can't make the ideas gel into concrete thought.  They're gonna be good, though, I can feel it.

I have summer activities and programs and lessons to plan.  Kids in AZ need a little help when it comes to staying busy all summer, and I know that I'll be sorry if I don't start looking at options soon, but I can't make myself get online and make some decisions.

I have organizing and planning and cooking and cleaning to do to prepare for Tucker's homecoming (NINETEEN DAYS, PEOPLE!).  I even made an extensive list and tried to break it down into achievable chunks, and I can't make myself follow through.

What is up?  Is it the weather?  Beautiful warming days with green trees and colorful flowers beckon me outside and away from my work.

Is it lack of sleep?  Two nights in a row with a disoriented bird singing every song in his repertoire at 12:30 am is about to drive me over the edge.

Is it the scorpion threat?  James stepped on one last night (which was as funny as it was alarming, I must admit with my macabre sense of humor--he may or may not have thought he could die).

Is it Blogger?  Pinterest?  School?  Food?  Kids?  Husband?  Church?

Whatever it is, I need to address it quickly and effectively, because I frankly don't have time to waste on days like this.


  1. I bet " It" is that you are so excited for your boy to come home that all else is taking a back seat! Funny I think the last few days are harder than the first years! Myself that is all I would be thinking about at the moment :)

  2. If you need help with anything (cooking, cleaning, organizing, errands, occupying kids...), let me know! I'll be home the 4th. Heaven knows I'll need things to keep me busy.

  3. ugh, we've all been there & felt that! Could be a million things, whatever the cause hope you kick it in the fanny & get some items checked off your lists.

  4. This is missionary mom syndrome - I know it well - your focus is on him coming home! I felt exactly the same way. It will pass about a week before when you will go like a mad, crazy whirlwind that will not stop until that first hug! It is fine - life will survive without your full attention and all will be well when your missionary is home under your roof!

  5. I am with you on IT. So much to little actually getting done. If you figure IT out...please let me know.

  6. I am with you on IT. So much to little actually getting done. If you figure IT out...please let me know.

  7. I am with you on IT. So much to little actually getting done. If you figure IT out...please let me know.

  8. Sounds normal to me.
    Except the singing birds, warm sunshine, and scorpions.

    When you get it tackled please share how you did it.

  9. I like what Tauna said...when you find out, let us know! You could write a book on that and it'd be a best seller!

  10. Welcome to my LIFE for the last 2 years. Hence my sad and neglected little blog, among other things. Sorry you're "wandering lost" for a minute. I trust you'll figure it out much sooner than I. Good luck friend. P.S. Bens lesson made me so happy tonight. He really has made great improvements this year, in spite of our hit and miss schedule. I'm proud of him.

  11. Maybe it's the thrill of waiting until the last minute to get things done? Maybe it's too much going on at once? I often do the same thing...but can never pinpoint IT. If you figure it out...many of us would like to know!
    NINETEEN DAYS!!!! No wonder you can't focus on anything else!

  12. I couldn't focus on anything for a whole month before my guys came home. It's like you're in some kind of strange waiting zone.

    So relax and enjoy it. But no more stepping on scorpions, you Dentons!


  13. i don't know what it is, either.

    i've this friend who totally zaps my energy. she's going through a rough time, and i know i should be there for her. i know i'd want my friends there for me if i were. but i also understand how much of a pain in the butt is it to be that friend who's in such a need. and i'm the kind of person who prefers to keep to myself when i feel that way. so this friend, it's the same stuff--how she's screwed up with these two different guys, how she doesn't want them to think badly of her, how she wishes she could've handled things differently, blah blah blah. and i've not been feeling so strong myself, lately, so being strong for her's a bit too much.

    anyway. there's work and writing and all these things i should do. and really all i wanna do is sit on my butt and be antisocial.

    i don't think it's depression. i'm not depressed. i just am tired. i'm tired. i think maybe it's just that sometimes we stretch ourselves too much, too thin.

  14. i've had a load of wet laundry in my washer for two days now and i had absolutely no energy to do IT today, which means i will have ZERO underwear to wear tomorrow. it's gonna be rough when i have to figure that one out in the morning.