Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rugby 2013

Two years in a row--Red Mountain Knights are AZ state rugby champions!
They were all quite serious and focused before the game.  Tempe was the only team that had beaten them all season, and this was certainly destined to be a battle of Titans.

With eight minutes to go, Red Mountain was down by seven, and things didn't look good.
A few hard hits and two spectacular runs downfield (and a broken tibula), and the final score was 28-14.

Admittedly not Ben's favorite game of the season, he was still thrilled to be part of his second state champion rugby team--and the first team to pull of back-to-back state wins in the history of AZ rugby.
What is a victory without a dousing of the coach?
The end of rugby marks the time when we get Ben back.  As much as I love sports and what they teach my kids, I'm always glad when the season is over.

Congratulations, Ben. 


  1. Yay, Ben! I'm glad he wasn't the one with the broken tibia!!! Happy birthday to him!

  2. What time do they play games? It looks dark. Too hot to play already?
    Congrats to Ben.

    Aren't you getting close to a certain big huge event?????

  3. What an accomplishment. Rugby is a thrilling game to watch, and I can never figure out what is going on.

  4. Wow that field looks HARD. My brother went over to Arizona from NZ to play rugby before he left on his mission. A big difference to playing at home, but what an experience!

  5. Rugby scares me. Always has.

    Good on him, though!


  6. i love rugby, except for the part where they don't wear helmets!