Monday, June 10, 2013

A Date with One of My Favorite Guys

When Hyrum's friend invited us to come with them to a Diamondbacks game, I didn't know how Hyrum would like it.  Sitting in one place for hours on end, watching a sport he knows nothing about?

I shouldn't have worried. We had a great time.

We rode the train to downtown Phoenix, in itself a big adventure. (He did have a bathroom issue while stuck on the train, but I'll leave that to your imagination.)

I had told him about all the ballpark food, and he was single-mindedly focused on getting a corn dog or nachos when we arrived, but the moms insisted that we find seats and watch part of the game first.  He actually wanted to know some of the rules and learned quickly.

But his hunger would only be postponed for so long!  A corn dog, some nachos and a soda later, and he was much happier.

He and his buddy pulled faces and joked around.  They played "Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish" dozens of times and occasionally stopped to watch the game in between sightings of the cotton candy vendor and requests to buy some PLEEEEEZE?

By the seventh inning, it was time to give in to the treat request--cotton candy for Hyrum and a caramel apple for his buddy.

Top of the eighth, D'backs were down 1-0 when Goldschmidt hit a homer with two on base.  It was awesome!  The boys cheered and jumped up and down. D'backs won!

Even better--it was Friday night, so the game ended with fireworks.

What a great night.  I loved watching the excitement of the game and the joy of new experiences climb across my son's face.  It will be a treasured memory--our date to Chase Field.


  1. How fun. I love that age. A memory he will remember for sure.

  2. What a cute date you had! Love this

  3. Looks like he has a blast! I bet your kids never take that one on one time for granted...and enjoy every minute.

  4. How adorable. He's getting so big, and I love how he really concentrated on enjoying every little detail.

  5. Can't believe how quickly he is growing up.