Friday, June 7, 2013

Foto Friday--Just a Look into My Real Life

Summer is kicking my trash.

I can't seem to get on top of anything yet, and it's been two weeks.

Here's one example:

For as long as I can remember, I've done all of our laundry on Monday.  Sometimes it waits until Tuesday to all be folded, but it's always washed on Monday, unless we are out of town.

I was too busy the last week of school, and for the first time in probably ever I left the laundry unfolded before we left for Lake Powell.

Then, we didn't get home from Powell until Monday night.  Laundry washed on Tuesday.  Two weeks' worth of clean clothes piled in baskets on the chest in my bedroom.

Then--Brad and I left for a youth conference on Thursday morning, not returning home until Saturday.  By the time Mom had a minute to address the laundry, it was strewn all over my bedroom--kids had rifled through each basket looking for shorts, underwear, swimsuits. 

I sighed.

Then, finally, on Monday of this week, I tackled three weeks' worth of laundry (minus essentials that had been worn, washed, basketed, then recycled by enterprising young children).

It was scary. 
But not as scary as this photo bomb.

It took me hours and hours just for the clothes.

Then I addressed the sock basket.  I figured three weeks was enough time to corral all the lost socks, so I dumped in the mismatched sock bucket, and I dove in.

And I thought it had taken a long time to fold the clothes.

Literally four HOURS later, I had 118 pairs matched.

One whole grocery bag of destroyed or holey or unmatched socks thrown away.

Well, on the bright side, at least I have one big chore out of the way.

I just wish the rest of my house could magically clean itself, since sock matching for four hours killed a few of my already volatile brain cells.


  1. Wow. I'm not sure I've even seen 114 pairs of socks. I'm tired just reading this post. I'm off for a nap.

    Did you forbid anyone to wear anymore clothes? I would have.

  2. hahahaha oh the terror!!!! same thing happens at my house except it's only for a family of 5:) my cousin has 5 kids and she has rules about socks. different kinds for every kid that wears a different size, but all the same for each kid. she was cracking me up last week as she was counting out the pairs of socks she has to fold just if each person in her family wears one pair of socks each day for seven days. socks are my nemesis in the laundry business. i have often joked that i will pay my kids a dollar a day that they don't wear socks when they get older:) hahaha way to conquer!

  3. yikes.

    My husband's mother (I guess I could call her my mother-in-law and you would still know to whom I was referring--ANYWAY), had all of her kids safety pin their socks together before putting them in the dirty clothes. I complained for years that it was a ridiculous extra chore, but it is sounding better every laundry day.

    She also made them do their own laundry when they were 8. Can you imagine? I am doing something wrong. ha!

  4. There are no words. It's so much easier when there are just two of you. Maybe not as much fun, or as entertaining, but definitely less work.

  5. Yes...I hate laundry in general but summer laundry is the worst! That towels....they put me over the edge.

  6. Best thing about summer? No socks!

  7. so remember the days when I had my own mountains of laundry when there were 7 children living at home...however, I taught the kids to do their own laundry by the time they were 10--if they can use a computer/Nintendo/Wii--they can definitely use a washing machine. Everyone had their own "laundry day" to get theirs done--if they missed it, they had to wait a week to get it again. I must confess, I love folding two things right out of the dryer: baby clothes and towels.