Thursday, June 6, 2013

School-Year Wrap-Up: Micah

Micah, Micah, Micah.

This boy's year was full of extremes. He won the district poetry writing contest, yet he was unable to complete a satisfactory paper on Leif Ericson.  He performed piano solos at two recitals, the school talent show, and even in church, yet I can barely get him to practice. He received the highest number of reading points in his class, yet I couldn't get him to branch away from his favorite series (Harry Potter or anything by Rick Riordan) to try something new.

Micah had one of the very best teachers I've ever had the privilege of working with, yet she couldn't motivate him to present his best work in anything.

Micah's school year is what prompted me to write my series on intellectually gifted children (first of five posts here).  I faced these same struggles with both of my older boys about this age, and both times I would have to admit that I failed--failed to find their motivation, failed to teach them to work hard, failed in helping them feel that I still loved them even though our relationship became focused on school.

I have to believe that I can still find the answer and that next year will be better for him.
Because I can't resist that impish smile and those chocolate eyes.

Love you, Mikes.

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  1. I had similar issues with two of my kids. Good news is that both eventually figured it out. And our relationship survived intact.

    He really is a cute boy!