Friday, June 28, 2013

Foto Friday--Micah Turns 9

My kids are allowed one "commercial" birthday party in their lives.  I've found that nine is the perfect age to do it--old enough to appreciate it, still young enough to love it.

Micah is my only summer baby, and he decided that Sun Splash would be the perfect place for his ninth birthday party. One of his buddies was out of town on the actual birthday day (June 20), so Micah waited until T was home to have the festivities.

After Star Wars cake and cookies and cream ice cream, we all headed to the water park.
 I don't know why Hyrum thinks this is the funniest face to make for pictures. 

 Lily came to "help." She did a great job "helping" her cousin go down the scary slides.

It was 112 degrees yesterday--a perfect day to spend in the water with friends.

Saturday is supposed to top out at 118.  Are you jealous? 

Yeah, me neither.


  1. Not too jealous...

    Love those water parks, though!


    PS. Lots of good wishes to the birthday boy...

  2. Fun birthday!

    Not sure about your weather. We're about to hit the 90's. I'm good with that.
    We don't have AC....why bother for 2 weeks out of the year.

  3. Tell Lily she has a super cute swimsuit!

  4. So glad the flu didn't ruin the birthday celebrating! looks like the perfect way to celebrate a June birthday in the desert!

  5. It makes me remember why we moved away from AZ. Not because of the fun birthday party. But because of the 118 degree weather. You are a trooper mom!

  6. Sounds like the perfect day for a water park birthday!

  7. Nine and ten are such great ages. I so enjoyed my kids then....I miss always...GORGEOUS PICS!

  8. it's been so hot this year. we've been over 100 so many more times this year than normal. being wet is definitely the cure. happy happy!