Thursday, June 27, 2013


I hate it when we get sick in the summer.
A particularly violent flu swept through our family yesterday.  Evie and Hyrum woke up almost every hour all night, needing to throw up.  Note to self:  blueberries and watermelon create a vibrant red when they come back up.  I've said this before, and I'm sure I'll say it again.

Thank heaven for a washing machine and my Spotbot at times like this.

They weren't the only victims.  I was sick most of the day yesterday as well.  Was it lack of sleep or a virus?  I'll never know.  What I do know is that Evie and I went back to bed around 9:45, and about an hour later, she sprang out of bed and said, "I feel all better now."  Her good feelings didn't last, but the worst part was over for all of us by then.

Micah never succumbed, and he was in unusually fine form at dinner last night.
Our rule is that all vegetables have to be eaten before the main course. Micah kept sneaking meatballs until I had to move the last one to my plate until he finished his broccoli and salad.  He kept lamenting its loss, pining for it with a silly song: "My meatball. Oh, my meatball!" He even attempted a few rescue missions for that beloved meatball that were countered by quick fork maneuvers from me.  When everything green had finally disappeared from his plate, he got that meatball back and kissed it, crooning, "Ah, my meatball.  We make such a wonderful pair!"

Watch out, ladies.  He's practicing already!


  1. Glad everyone is better.

    I guess you know what you can get him for Christmas now!

  2. So funny and look at Evie grinning too. Silly dinner table fun! I wasn't sick all winter and I just got over a weird summer cold. Ugh.

  3. Funny kid, he is.

    Sorry about the flu. That's so nasty. I still stand by the prevention method of having everyone drink 8 oz. three times a day of Welch's purple grape juice for a few days after the first kid throws up. It's worked every time for us since we started it years ago. But you have to be vigilant and really give a full glass with every meal, and you have to keep it up for several days after exposure.


  4. i need a spotbot. karma is angry with me. i'm sure we are next for the puking at our house! LOL