Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Summer Vacation--Magic Valley

When we left Rexburg, we traveled to Twin Falls to spent a few days at my parents' house.

Many were brave enough to jump off the cliffs at Dierkes' Lake.
Yes, that's Micah. Yes, he's nine.
It is almost as fun to sit and watch the jumpers as it is to jump yourself.  I love this shot of all of my boys.
There was plenty of sand and cousins to build stuff with.

There was time to lounge around and catch a few winks if you felt so inclined.
One thing we always make time to do--play games.  And games.  And games and games.
And the other thing we always make time to do--ride the horses.

Don't forget root beer floats every night with Grandpa--and if you're lucky, you even get yours in a frosty mug!

Eve was pretending she was dead.  Notice the tongue?
Grandpa took a few minutes away from the excitement to stay on top of the weed population in his garden.
If we couldn't find these two, we knew they had slinked off somewhere to play a game on their phones.

And Grandma just loves to have all of us around for a few days--and then for the peace and quiet after we leave, I'm sure.

One of the best things about Grandma and Grandpa's house?  Just being outside and running and playing and being together.


  1. Love the one of your boys, too:)

    the one of your mom, is amazing!

  2. I ditto what Gabe said! Also love the way Heidi is looking at Lily playing cards!
    I might have jumped off that cliff when I was a teen...but now that I'm old...I would be watching from the sidelines like you!

  3. brennan was enthralled with the pics of your kids jumping off of the rocks.