Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Summer Vacation--Rexburg, the Finale

I convinced the whole clan to spend some time at Bear World.  It's a wildlife drive and petting zoo with a small amusement park and souvenir shop tacked on for commercial appeal. 

Let the photos tell the story.

 Lily made it her job to take care of the two little girls.

 All the kids piled into the belly of this big spinning bear.  Even Ellie had fun.

 I love Hyrum in this picture above.  Just chillin' as he's drivin'.

Ben got in on the fun a few times as well.
 Tucker had a migraine that morning, so his ride time was limited.  He did end up spinning with Ben one time, and it was hilarious--and way too fast for photos.
 Since we got to Bear World just as it opened, we were the only family in the amusement park for almost an hour.  The kids ran from ride to ride and rode as many times in a row as they wanted.  It was awesome.

 The animals in the petting zoo were quite accustomed to people, even wild, noisy people like the ones we brought!
 Lily filled in for a salt lick.
 This peahen and Hyrum had  a love/hate relationship.  He loved her, and she hated him.  All he wanted was to pet this bird, and she was not going to allow it, under any circumstance.
 One of the employees kept telling him to leave the bird alone, "Can't you see she doesn't want to be petted?"  This bugged me.  Hello?  The bird is in a PETTING zoo, for crying out loud.  If she didn't want to be petted, there were plenty of places for her to hide, but she didn't.  Personally, I think she loved taunting Hyrum.
 He finally settled on a friendly/smelly goat.  Micah did, too.
 Ben and Tucker had to strike a few model poses for me.  Good thing they have other talents.

 Sometimes stubborn and ornery can be cute.
Look at the disdain on her face.  Nothing was moving her off that grass.  Nothing and nobody.  So don't even try.

We didn't.


  1. I NEVER get tired of seeing family photos. NEVER!!

  2. I agree with Diana. And your family photos never disappoint.


  3. Such a cute little amusement park, love the photo of Uncle Hyrum and Ellie!