Friday, September 27, 2013

Foto Friday--Evie Scissorhands

When I snapped this picture of the little girls on Sunday morning, I didn't think much about it.
I thought they were so cute sitting there on the floor.

Little did I know that, three days later, I would receive this picture from Evie's friend's mom:
I was running Micah to soccer practice right at that moment, and I hoped that it wouldn't be as bad as this picture made it look.

I was wrong.

It was much worse than this picture made it look--much worse. The girls had each cut their own hair--her friend had only gotten two snips from the front, but Evie had butchered her own blond locks.
 She had taken it almost to the scalp in one place.
 She had left a rat tail in the back, but the rest was gone.
This is the "good" side.  We were really lucky that the front part of her hair had been in a small ponytail, because that's what saved her from cutting every bit of length off her entire head.

I found this pile in the bathroom (and part of it in the family room--it had been a mobile salon, evidently). 
 I cried.  Lily cried. All of that beautiful blond hair.
 Evie didn't seem that upset at first.  She was pretty nonchalant about it all--that is, until I broke the news that she could no longer wear ponytails, a Rapunzel braid crown, or ringlets. Then she was inconsolable.
 My cousin's wife, Taylor, just happened into the kitchen as we were evaluating the damage.  Taylor was shocked (as were we), and she ran to get her hair scissors.
 She did her best to salvage what she could.  With every snip, Taylor would mutter some version of, "Wow.  I can't believe how bad this is."
 Lucky for us, Taylor is a professional, and after a few minutes, she had worked some magic. 
This is the final result:
  The wisps Evie left in the front frame her face nicely.
 Taylor was able to blunt cut the back so that it's not too short (not too short--that's relative).

 The left side was the shortest, and Taylor did her best to make it look a little smoother and not so painfully short underneath.
 Hyrum was upset that Eve was so sad, so he kept telling her, "It's okay, Evie.  You still look pretty.  It still looks pretty . . . well, it still looks kinda pretty . . . "
In my initially shocked and upset stage, I told Eve that I hoped Taylor could fix it so that she wouldn't look like a boy--not my best parenting moment. Later that evening, as we were headed over to the church, Evie put on her sparkle shoes from the wedding and told me, "There.  Now I'm a girl."  I had to explain that hair length doesn't make you a boy or a girl, that she will always be a girl, and that her hair was short but that was okay.  She thought on that for a minute, then she asked, "So, is Daddy a girl?"
I never would have cut her hair like this on purpose, but now that it's been two days, her new pixie look has really grown on me.

Grown on me enough to order her a Tinkerbell costume for Halloween.

Happy weekend, friends.  Fall has finally hit AZ--temps around 90 this weekend--and it feels fantastic. Enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air wherever you are!


  1. Okay...would I be a total dork if I said I actually think her new "unintended" haircut looks adorable? Now I want mine cut like Evie's.
    My daughter Paige did the same thing while the family was watching Survivor one night. She had her hair in a pony tail and she lopped the pony tail right off. No disrespect intended here, but she looked like she had gone through chemo therapy.
    This is one of those life lessons that kids usually learn from real fast.

  2. Way to go Taylor!!! It is adorable! I think that it makes Evie look older (sorry Jen). Very cute and so easy to take care of!!

  3. She looks cute! I love Hyrum! What a brother!

  4. I gasped out loud when I saw the picture of her facing the wall. But she really looks adorable!!! with the new hair cut from Taylor. Kesa

  5. That makes me a little sick to my stomach.
    I've managed to experience that with each of my kids and even grandkids. I'm a hairdresser, but it still makes me lightheaded.

    It ended up being so cute.

  6. Oh.... dear... the good part is that it can and WILL grow! And she is so cute, that nothing could ruin that. But I know how devastating that is right at first - bad parenting is allowed in the first 5 minutes of recovery. Taylor is a hero!

  7. Taylor did magic with those scissors. Evie is still a doll!

  8. Taylor did magic with those scissors. Evie is still a doll!

  9. I love the tinker bell consume. What a great example of making lemonade out of lemons!

  10. Well, Taylor did a phenomenal job. And I think the bob does look pretty cute.

    Just ask my Mom to show you the picture of when Lauren decided to get rid of her bangs. Trust me, you'll feel way better.

  11. Thank goodness for your hairdresser looks adorable now!

    What is it with our blonde babies that they feel the need to butcher their hair?

  12. her lil bob worked out adorable!
    so far we have only had #4 cut

    #5 found snippies and snipped my favorite shirt of his that can not be carried down to #6
    at least with hair it would grow back? right?!

    i would have so made the 'boy' comment too

  13. That friend who fixed it is a genius! And I have to admit that Evie looks darling.

    Would that they had such styles back in the day when I cut my own hair. Like Evie, I annihilated it! We had to go to a barber, and my hair was cute like a boys. Seriously.

    I was mortified.


  14. oh man, and no more tangles either;) my favorite thing about accidentally butching max's hair was that it was so short that if we never got around to brushing it, it still didn't have a rat's nest at the end of the day. so hard to let the pretty long blonde hair go though. BUT she looks sooooooo darling with the pixie cut and it always grows back.