Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding--Portrait Fail

On Tuesday, I told you that the only thing I wanted from the wedding was a family portrait.  Remember?

Well, I stretched the truth just a little.

What I really, really wanted was a family portrait and individual photos of each of my kids for my staircase frames.

After we had been hurriedly assembled for a family portrait, I tried to quickly shepherd each child to a semi-quiet corner for an individual shot.

I should know better than to try and hurry portraits.  It never works.  Ever. Some photos were worse than others.  Tucker's and Karli's was so bad that I don't even dare post it.  Let's just leave it as the great mystery from the day, shall we?

Some were fails.

Hyrum's was cute but blurry.  If I had had more than a few moments, I think this one could have been great.

 Ben's is a just miss.  He looks sleepy and unnatural.

It always takes Lily about fifteen shots before she relaxes into the camera and trusts me.  Unfortunately for Lily, I only had five shots, so she looks forced and posed.

The Brubaker family wasn't a complete fail.  In fact, it's actually quite cute, if you don't look for the top of Sam's head.  Bummer, because those kids--so cute, aren't they?

Two photos may actually make it onto the wall, if they can handle being blown up to 12x12.

Micah only sat for three shots, and all three of them looked just like this one. When did he grow up, can somebody tell me?

My favorite shot of the night has to be this one below.  Evie loved having her own flowers to hold, and flowers combined with a "princess dress" and "Rapunzel hair"--yeah.  Pretty perfect.
The main problem is that I waited too late in the night and had too little light to make these exactly what I wanted them to be.  I shot them at 800 ISO, so I know they won't blow up well, and they are a little muddy since it was so dark.

At least I tried.  Who knows when I'll get new ones. The pictures currently on my wall look like this:
Remember this blog header?  These are the pictures that are still hanging on my wall--three years old this Christmas.

Maybe at Christmastime I'll be able to corral the whole group again . . .


  1. So glad you got that adorable shot of Eve! Hopefully you will be able to gather together for one more family gathering and pictures before Ben leaves.

  2. the wedding day was here? i missed it...i swear i was just reading about how there was 18 more days

    can't wait to read more!

  3. Hey, at least you gave it a go. And they all look great! Evie's is adorable, and now you have her long hair memorialized.


  4. love the little bow tie on the baby. so so cute. pics looks great. so hard to get them up though. still haven't hung chase's newborn pics...doh.

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