Monday, September 16, 2013

Have I ever told you how much I love high school football?

I haven't?  Oh, I thought I had.

I love how it brings families and friends together for a night every week, cheering on all of the boys, not just their own.
I love the excitement, the competition, the contact, and the camaraderie it creates.

I love a close game--just not as close as last week's game.  With three minutes left in the game, Heritage was down 7-6.  It was a question if we would ever find the end zone again that night.  Lucky for us, Ben's buddy McKay caught the winning pass, and we ended up winning 20-7.



  1. love that first photo!!

    GO Heritage!

  2. We love it, too, with the crisp feel of fall in the air.


  3. (And the field is just down the street from our house.)