Friday, October 4, 2013

Foto Friday--It Was My Lucky Day

Can you tell what that is?
It's my yoga bandanna--mixed in with my already washed whites.
I still can't believe it didn't turn my entire load some shade of pink.

It really was my lucky day.

It was not a lucky night for the Heroes last night--a heartbreaking loss in the last two minutes.  24-20.  It was a nail biter, and I lost my nails for nothing.  My guess is we will be meeting that team again in the state championships.  I think our boys will be out for blood next time.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.  Brad will be running the St. George Marathon tomorrow while I hold down the fort watching General Conference in between soccer games.

Good luck, Love!  I can't believe you're running again!


    pink is my favorite color though!

  2. I think those close games are the worst....

    Here's hoping we have a win on homecoming night tonight:)

  3. Whew for the whites!
    My hubby getting pink whites got me grounded from his laundry 34 years ago. Now that's lucky! No seriously, I can do them long as I'm supervised.

    Good luck to your hubs.

    YES! Looking forward to Conference.

  4. That was, indeed, lucky! We've had some red laundry accidents too - 100% linked to The Great Dane!

  5. Wow. That was awesome that your laundry didn't turn pink.
    Conference was great.

  6. do you wash in cold? i wash everything in cold EXCEPT for my whites b/c the setting on my washer for whites is HOT/COLD, and sometimes one of sean's black socks makes it's way in the load with my wash and it never bleeds black on my whites. literally breaks every washing rule my mama ever taught me. crazy.

  7. Lucky, indeed.


    PS. Wasn't conference great? I especially loved Uchtdorf, Holland, and Bednar. Who comes up with a good talk about tithing?? ;)

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