Monday, October 7, 2013

Gila Monsters

Micah's fourth grade teacher asked him to complete a project on anything he wanted and present it to the class.

After much deliberation and even more procrastination, he threw together a project about gila monsters and circuits (thanks for the last-minute idea and assistance, Dawn!).

I couldn't get a picture of the game in action because the words were too small for the entire class to see without the smart board projector, and when Mrs. W. turned off all the lights, it was too dark for a photo. 

He read a question to the class, and they would guess which answer on the right matched the question on the left.  He would connect the bolts (the silver buttons on the sides of the center paper) to a battery with a light bulb, and if the answer was correct, the bulb would light up.  The class really got into it, which surprised me.
After the class had answered all ten questions correctly, he turned the box around and explained the science behind the game--how he had run a wire between the question and its correct answer, and when he connected the correct bolts, the circuit would be complete and the bulb would then light up.
He was so funny.  That kid loves being in the spotlight.

And did you know that there are only three poisonous lizards in the entire world?

Me, neither.  And if you ask Micah, he will be happy to tell you the other two.


  1. Serious wow! I don't think I've ever had a kid do such a cool project. Was he the only one asked to do this? I love the game board idea, love it!

  2. what a fantastic job he did!!!

    and what happened to him? wasn't he just going into 1st grade yesterday?? time is flying by so stop

  3. He is so cute, Jen. Just a good-looking kid!