Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to the Big Dance

Heritage Heroes won their semifinal football game against the MALC Patriots on Saturday.
 Final score:  Heroes 48 Patriots 8
 It's not often that you have one of the best games of your life on the same day that your best friend has one of the best games of his life.
 McKay had four touchdowns.  Ben had three.

 McKay and one of his touchdowns.

Ben's turn to score.

 I love this series where they both rush a punt:

Here is Brad's highlight reel of the game (and a weird clip of me walking across the track . . .)

Brad grabbed the camera from me for the last quarter, when Ben actually intercepted a pass. Here's that series:
 Poor #11.  He had a frustrating game.
 The quarterback couldn't hit him all day.
 The ball was tapped by Ben, and now both boys could see the ball in the air.
 Not even holding could stop Ben.

 I love the excitement on all of their faces in this shot--that's what being part of a team is all about.
 "Here's your ball back, Mr. Official."
 I can't believe there's only one game left in his football career.  I got teary just editing these photos.

And I have more . .  .


  1. Oh football Mama....it is sad! Great pics and great memories!

  2. i have always said i would never let my boys play football, and a husband who is a physical therapist he has totally been on my side, but man these pictures make me want to break that rule!!!

  3. That's the great thing about rugby - he can play the game until he's our age and then migrate to touch rugby until he's well into middle age

  4. I have mixed feelings about football, though both of my boys played, because they each had injuries that still plague them a bit.

    And now this whole concussion thing has me concerned, too. I hope my grandson decides to do something else, to be honest. Knowing him though, he probably won't...