Friday, November 8, 2013

Foto Friday--The Fire Station, and a Winner!

Evie had her preschool field trip to the fire station.  I may have mentioned how horrible our morning was yesterday--Evie refused to wear her preschool shirt, wouldn't do her hair, didn't want those shoes, etc.  By the time we arrived, she was in a mood and so was I.

Her bad mood lingered.  She didn't want to sit with her friends.  She didn't want to hold their hands.  She wanted to sit by me . . . Sigh.  I've never had a kid like this. 

The cloud finally began to lift when one of the firefighters demonstrated how his uniform protects him from a fire.
But there was NO WAY she was giving him five.
I was nervous when her teacher picked her to be the line leader on the way out to shoot the fire hose.
with her friend at the front of the line
I kept picturing her getting to the hose and freezing in fear, setting that example for all of the other kids.

She sized up the situation . . . 
 . . . even her teacher was a little worried  . . .
 . . . but in the end, she shot that hose like a pro.
 And the other kids followed her brave example (I don't think any of the rest of them were afraid.).
Somehow, her mood changed to happy and silly after that.

The firefighters were so patient and kind and funny with all of these little ones (48 students, plus moms and a few younger siblings, too).  They explained to them that their uniforms weren't scary, how to crawl under smoke, and why we should have fire drills at home.  The kids saw where the firefighters eat, where they sleep, and where they watch TV, explaining that the fire station is actually their other home.

Just as the last kid shot the hose, the station received an emergency call, and off the fire truck went, with all the kiddos waving goodbye. 

I am so grateful to these men and women who put their lives in danger to protect our families. 

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Thanks for five years of reading my blog and everything.  Have a great weekend everyone!  We have football semifinals--GO HEROES!


  1. Looks like it was a day that was saved by the fire department.

    Having a 5 year old in our home has been a reminder of being in the thick of the mom-thing. If Lexi ain't happy....

    Looks like the day was a save.

  2. reminds me so much of a max morning!!!;) the firehouse is one of my favorite preschool field trips.

  3. She is quite the character, isn't she? From sullen to sunny in minutes. And that bright little face.

    I have a child like that as well. Mercurial, like a March sky. And bright as the sun.