Thursday, December 19, 2013

Preschool Christmas Program

Evie left the house yesterday morning in tears and tantrum mode--she didn't want to go to the church building for the program, she wanted to go to preschool.  I sent her out the door in hysterics, hoping that she would somehow snap out of it when she got there.
 I was so happy I was wrong.

She stayed on her name sticker.
 She watched the teacher closely.
 She spun around a giant candy cane on cue.
 She snapped her fingers and stomped her feet.
 She transformed from a little girl into Santa, then into a reindeer . . .
 . . . then donned a sombrero for a rowdy rendition of "Feliz Navidad."
 She even sang her part into the microphone on cue.

I never know which Evie I'm going to get--the timid-and-shy-to-the-point-of-anger Evie or the I-love-people-and-everything-in-my-life Evie.

I'm glad we got the second one.


  1. We're all glad we got the second Evie! And if angry Evie would've showed up you would've had some great pictures to commemorate her program!

  2. She is such a funny little girl, I am excited to see what she's like in five years, and ten, and fifteen years too! She's darling with that haircut by the way, love it!

  3. haha

    I'm glad, too.


    PS. Merry Christmas, Jenny!