Monday, December 16, 2013

Third Time's a Charm

I was still in my nightgown and had just plugged in my curling iron yesterday morning when I heard a thud and Hyrum's screaming.

I ran to the top of the stairs, where I found screaming Hyrum--holding the left side of his face.

What happened, Buddy?

He could barely utter unintelligible syllables as he struggled for breath between screams.

I finally pieced together the accident:  Hyrum had been bouncing down the stairs (to avoid a shower, I might add) when he hit his eye on the wood post.  I snuggled him close for a minute, then I shooed him back in the direction of his room and the running shower.  He was still screaming and jumping around, but it was Sunday morning, 60 minutes until Church started, and those boys needed showers before we left, Dangit!

I headed back to my curling iron, but I was stopped in my tracks by Micah's shout:  "MOM!!!!  There's blood EVERYWHERE!!!"

That will turn a mom around for sure.  I walked into the little boys' room and found blood dripping down Hyrum's face from his eye.  I tried to find a cut of some kind, but there was so much blood that I couldn't see anything.  After I'd wiped it away (all while holding down a hysterical six-year-old boy), I got really concerned.  It looked like the blood was coming out of the corner of his eye, and that can't be good.

I took him to the bathroom where I could get a better look, and upon closer inspection, I found a 3/4" cut just barely above the lash line on his eyelid.  It was laying perfectly flat and closed, and as I held pressure to the cut, the bleeding subsided.

Whew.  No stitches for us on a Sunday morning.

I snuggled with my littlest boy for quite a while as we waited for the ibuprofen to kick in, and then I sent him off to get ready for Church.

I was a smidgen late to the meeting, but I count ourselves very lucky that Hyrum's Tigger-ish behavior on the stairs not only didn't need stitches, but that his eye is okay as well.

Here is what he wore to school this morning:
She's a beaut, ain't she?

 I desperately wanted to tell him that it looked like eye shadow, but I knew I couldn't do that to him as he was walking out the door to school.  The cut is so small that you can't even see it in this picture.
And yes, this is the third black eye he has had since starting first grade (other two were documented in this post).  And no, I haven't heard from CPS yet.

Here's hoping I don't get a call from them today.


  1. The missing front teeth are a nice touch!

  2. Oh dear.
    When my son was that age I was always afraid someone would look at his legs and call Child Protection. His knees and shins were always a mess!
    Hyrum will be able to make a collage of his black eyes soon.

  3. Poor kid!

    My daughter was like that. She was always bumping and bruising herself. I used to think I would get in trouble at the hospital for taking her in so many times!