Sunday, January 5, 2014

And So It Begins Again . . .

This has been the laziest and least busy break of our lives, I think.  My family was that turtle on the rock, just bathing in the AZ sun and watching the days go by.  No real bedtimes, messy house, few structured meals, lots (and LOTS) of Super Mario Brawl on the Wii.
 Tonight . . . I paid the price for my lack of structure these last two weeks.  Little kids were adamant that it wasn't bedtime, even if the clock did say 8:00.  Since when is 8 bedtime?  Always. (Except for the last two weeks)
I know that 6:20 am is going to be unfamiliar and dark tomorrow.  For some reason, going back to school after Christmas Break doesn't carry the same excitement as starting a new grade after summer vacation.
Most of me jumps for joy at the return of schedule and structure, but there is this small part of me that has loved staying up really late and sleeping in every morning, throwing demand to the wind and flying wherever we're blown.

Nah.  I'm still happy to get back to normal.  Wish me luck with all the complaining I'm sure to hear in the morning.  Maybe muffins will help make the morning go a little smoother . . .


  1. amen. amen. amen. i haven't missed having to be somewhere, but i have missed having to be somewhere. i've loved not having to be to bed on time and wear jammies until 11, and i'm so glad it's all over. i must say it has made me a little scared for summer...

  2. "a man" was emily by the way;) accidentally logged into sean's google account.

  3. I hope it went ok for you.
    It seems so weird to see bikes and sunshiney warmth.

    What kind of muffins?

  4. I always enjoyed the vacations…but also the returns to normal (or what passed for it).