Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Outward Manifestation of Mom's Neglect

School kept me really busy, ya know?  And my boys began looking like this, ya know?
 I really do think that they were copying Ben, though.

Much of Ben's time over the last two months was spent helping a young film company with their first project.  Filming went on longer than they thought, and Ben wasn't allowed to cut his hair during the entire shoot.  By the time he was finished, even he was begging for a haircut.
He woke Lily up early one morning to help him put it in a ponytail for the last school day before his cut.

Jury was split--most people really hated the ponytail, but two guys tried to convince him to keep it.
I was in favor of the cut, myself. There was something a little creepy about that little tail in the back.

And here all three of them are after the floor was knee deep in clippings.
Hyrum actually had his combed at one point, but there's only so long a six-year-old boy can stay presentable, at least in this house.

Much better, boys.  Thanks.

Ben got a note on his windshield yesterday that said, "Never grow your hair that long again. Ewwww.  It was gross."

I agree.


  1. boys with fresh hair cuts!!
    love it!:) handsome fellas you got there.:)
    have a happy day jen

  2. I wish I had been able to get my vote in before he cut it. Love the ponytail.

  3. My hubby and son are both long past due on haircuts. On another note, I am in the process of finding flooring for our home and noticed your wood floors. Are they real wood? If so, what kind and have you had any issues with buckling? I keep on turning to do hickory floors (real wood). It seems like all the flooring peoples keep on steering me from real wood, and I guess I am trying to find others who live in the valley who have had success with real wood.

  4. Since I am not usually a fan of long hair, I loved seeing them all short and great looking!

  5. Just a little spring cleaning! I can't believe someone wrote a note like that! Was it anonymous?

  6. My 15 (almost 16) year old is still growing his hair out. While he has apparently given up the goal of growing dreadlocks, he still hasn't wanted to cut his hair. It's hard, because he has "Harry Potter" hair, and it just won't lie properly. But I have decided to let him be the gate keeper, and let him rebel in this small way. I know eventually he will get tired of his hair in his face and ask for it to be cut. I can't wait. I don't like long hair on guys.

  7. boys boys boys, nothing better than a fresh clip!;) brennan is sooo overdue.

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