Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last week is a blur.  I spent most of my week staring at a screen that looked like this:

My final paper for my latest class, Special Populations in Gifted Education, is due today. I thought that I would have that think ripped out in no time flat--by the end of last week at the latest.

Funny how the brain works sometimes. 

No matter how many times I sat at the computer, I could not pull that paper out of my head. Stare into space.  See what's on Pinterest.  Read a few quotes and decide where they need to fit. Check FaceBook. Look for a missing article and finally find it. Look at my blog roll--did anyone post anything new?  It was painful. PAINFUL, I say.

After a whole week of this, my desk looked like this:
 To be fair, this is definitely an organized mess.  Pile on the right? Articles for my paper. Pile on the left? Papers headed for the trash.  Why not in the trash, you ask.  Look at the size of my trash can and the size of the pile.  And I've spoken of my sticky note obsession before, haven't I?  I see six different sizes on the desk.  Two glasses--one for water and one for a refreshing beverage of my choice at the moment. The necessary clutter of creation.

What do I have to show for it?
Twenty-six pages of pure awesome, that's what!

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase "which-what-who," like I was, it refers to a character in this book by Dr. Seuss.
How I've raised three kids to adulthood and had four more underfoot for the last 23 years and not read this before, I don't know. It's funny. Your kids will love it.

No school for me until March 17th! Can you hear my family cheer from there? Time to clean a few closets, update my photo wall, find the floor in my hobby room, and play with my kids. 

This class was brutal--so many hours and so much learning, but I will never forget what I learned these last seven weeks. It was definitely a life-changer.

I'm headed for a run--the first in weeks.


  1. I'm finishing my final paper today too! And obviously I got on the internet before I started working on it... Needless to say, I'm excited for Spring Break as well.

  2. woohoo!
    awesome jen!!!
    how come i haven't read that book either????:) getting it from the library this week!
    have a happy day

  3. makes me miss school...for JUST a second or two;)