Friday, March 21, 2014

Foto Friday--Flowers for the Sick Girlie

Sometimes you have a sick four-year-old girl on your lap and you can't reach your good camera without disturbing her. Sometimes you have to show crappy iPhone photos to tell a story.
 It was really hard on Evie being sick with chicken pox. She doesn't know how lucky she really was, because her case lasted less than five days. Those five days, however, were very hard on her. Our neighbor across the street has two little kids that Evie loves to play with, and it was almost impossible to keep her home with her "temporary cooties" (as my neighbor explained to her kids). On Tuesday, her kids braved "temporary cooties" to bring Evie some gummy bears and her very first, very own bouquet of pink carnations. She thought she was the queen as she carried those ten flowers around with her. Thanks for thinking of her. It made that day much easier--on all of us.

One thing her majesty refused to allow, however, was a decent picture of her carrying said precious flowers around with her. Sometimes, a mom just has to take what she can get.
As mild as her pox were (only three big blistery scabs formed from over 300 welts--one on the crown of her head and matching ear sores almost like earrings but not as cute), her little mouth got them the worst. I never could tell what happened exactly (and you can't tell very well from this picture), but her lips became two huge, peeling, bleeding, tender, chappy blisters. The entire surface of each lip peeled off, leaving nothing behind.

Now she's back to her kissable, ornery little self.  I missed her!

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