Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break Staycation

With chicken pox and other complications, any grand plans for our Spring Break got sidelined. We haven't done much--lots of lazy days in a messy house with movies and Mario Brawl (way too much Mario Brawl).

Eve was finally well enough yesterday for us to venture out to Mesa's newest park at Riverview.
It was awesome.
 That rope climber is so enormous.
 I think half of Mesa was at the park last night, but it didn't matter--plenty of room for dozens of kids to enjoy a beautiful spring night.

We will definitely be back.


  1. Glad Eve is better. AND she looks happy.

  2. We'll have to check out that park when we're in Mesa late June for Mia's baptism. Glad the chicken pox is making an exit. I got shingles. That was fun. Hope it doesn't ever come back.