Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

The entire first grade recently starred in The Wizard of Oz. Can you guess Hyrum's role?
I made the head, mittens, and boots for Micah to be the Big Bad Wolf for  Halloween BB (Before Blogging). Since then, I've had friends borrow them for plays, and even used the head to transform Ben into the Beast for Homecoming a year ago. Who knew they could change Hyrum into Toto, too?
He was so excited for this play. He woke up one morning that week, saying he'd dreamed it was the day of the play and he was so disappointed it was just a dream.
He had the hardest lines of anyone--woof on cue. Oh, and once he had to whine.
He was bouncing around all morning, even picking out dark socks and his black shoes so everything would work.
Funny thing is--when he got on stage, he was quiet, still, and seemed afraid. He landed all of his lines, but being in front of the crowd was a little intimidating, I think. All good actors have to learn to face down stage fright, I suppose.

I left for the airport as soon as I gave my canine thespian a quick hug. Brad said that Hyrum refused to wash off his whiskers and nose until Sunday morning.
Ah, the lure of the stage. Once you taste it, you never forget it.

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  1. That would have been horrible to miss that! I am glad you got to go. What a darling little actor!