Thursday, April 3, 2014

Saturday Is a Special Day

Remember Brad's "Bad to the Bone" video from the stake talent show? I know. How can you forget it.

Well, I guess he made a bet with the priests (young men in our ward 16-18 years old)--his George Thorogood act vs. their act--synchronized swimming on land: it was pretty funny from all I heard about it. Whoever got the most applause, won the bet. If the boys won, he would take them all to Sonic. If he won, then they would all come work in our yard for an hour.

Final decision was a tie, so they showed up to our house for an hour of manual labor before he took all of them to Sonic. Win-win, right?
I came out to take a few pictures, and I was shocked to see some of the boys digging up one of our trees . . .
Guess Brad had neglected to tell me about his plans to replace that tree, because I was quite surprised to see just a branchless trunk in its place. Can you see it?

There really is nothing more awesome than watching 16-18 year-old boys do manly stuff like swinging picks, using chainsaws, and using all of their brute strength to remove a stump. Yeah. That was worth a few bucks at Sonic.
All of this backbreaking work laid a strong foundation for our Saturday activities.

Ben had a few little helpers assisting him in washing his truck.
Evie couldn't get off the roof by herself, and it tugged my heartstrings a little as I watched Hyrum be the good big brother and help her down.
She has her whole life with him there to help her. She's so lucky.
I spent much of the afternoon purchasing and potting a windowsill full of herbs.
And Brad took the opportunity to enlist a little slave labor as he replaced the ugly tree with a brand new baby tree--a ruby red grapefruit.
As long as you can convince them that it's not work, you can get these two to do just about anything.


  1. Dear Hyrum and Evie:
    My entire house needs a good cleaning, the interior needs painting and the dishes need doing as well as the trash taken out and the laundry needs doing. BUT! It's not work, it's a lot of fun. It's like going to Disneyland and the the candy store at the same time. What time should I expect you?

  2. Oh the sunshine looks divine...

    I miss posting posts like this...I'm up to my eyeballs in first grade...its hard and wonderful all at once. Can't wait for summer vacay!

  3. Love the photo of Evie and Hyrum. Love the boys helping you.


  4. Of course now I"m singing the primary song...♪♫ :)

  5. Those are some awesome boys! Especially love the one of Tate in the trash can! I am going to need you to send me some of these & the Poston XC ones... You know, when you have five spare minutes! Great idea to plant a ruby red tree, love those!

  6. i might just move to arizona so that i can have a ruby red grapefruit tree in my backyard. IIIIII COOOOVVVEEETTTT!!!!!!!

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