Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seven. Already??

How can this be?
Seven years ago, he was my tiny baby boy, and here he is . . . growing up.

Seven is a fantastic age. They usually know the line between silly and going too far.

This boy is a light in my life. He wanted a scavenger hunt, a pinata, and a chocolate cake with white frosting.
Done and done.

He got a long-anticipated watch and a snap circuit to play with, along with a book that teaches how to draw superheroes.
Simple presents for an easy-to-please guy. Ben helped with cake disposal.
He told me that it was his best birthday ever--so far.
I wish I could freeze him right now--keep him young and happy and easy to please.

Oh, and I'd love to stay his girlfriend forever.  First to have his heart. I love this kid.

Happy Birthday, Hyrum!


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  2. Ben is such a self-sacrificing soul…


  3. i try the whole freezing time too...doesn't seem to work