Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dog Days of Denton

We are ready for summer around here, and Summer 2014 is relatively short--just over ten weeks to squeeze in all the fun and vacation and swimming and traveling we can.

Along with all of the fun we have planned, for some reason I am determined to use Summer 2014 as time to improve some of my kids' skills.

Cleaning skills. Completing skills. Spiritual skills. Writing skills. Reading skills. "Not tattling" skills. I've got a plan.

I am determined to use Summer 2014 as time to improve some of my skills.

Consistency. Patience. Kindness. Prayer. I've got a plan.

And the plans start tomorrow. The kids were in bed before 9, in hopes that well-rested kids will be more receptive to improvement.

They needed it. The first full day of summer was exhausting. Eve fell asleep on a pile of towels as we were leaving the house for a barbecue.

Here's to the Dog Days of Denton.  I hope they're as productive and fun as I've constructed them in my head. 


  1. love this! my plan is to do one unit a week. it's the teacher in me, and i'm so excited about it. we've been gathering topics for months that the kids are excited about, so now it's my turn to put it all together. we need a chart for our point system though and until i saw this i completely forgot about the chart! thanks for reminding me we need a chart:) t-minus 1 week until school's out.

  2. Reading both your post and Em's comment makes me wish that I had kids at home again!

    Seriously, it does.

    Have fun!